Oct 1, 2009

Would you join me in prayer?

Audra has had to have her top braces put back on; but she is still smiling! And Friday, at 10:15 A.M., she is having four gum graphs done. The dental surgery will take an hour and a half. Would you join me in praying for:
  • A well rested doctor and assistant
  • A successful surgery
  • Peace - tonight, tomorrow, everyday
  • Knowing that the LORD is in control
  • Strength - for me (my mother passed out when I got my ears pierced, had to go to the ER) and I am a wimp in this area too!
  • Safety while on the road (we have two plus hours of drive time)
  • Power - Holy Spirit power and no interruption of electrical power during the grafting
  • A speedy and full recovery
  • That we would bring glory to HIS Name
  • That we would have hearts of thanksgiving to Him
  • Any other way the LORD might direct you to pray in this regard
Thank you kindly for joining us in prayer. "Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ." Ephesians 1:2

Photo: Smiling, brace-clad teen trying on heels at TJ Maxx


Leah said...

It would be my honor to pray with you for Audra and the day tomorrow.

Lord, Jesus, please be with Lora and Audra as they travel to have this procedure done. Give them traveling mercies and bring them home safely. I pray for clarity and concentration and wisdom for the doctor and his assistant. I ask that the technical aspects of this surgery go just according to your plan. Give Lora and Audra peace today, tomorrow and in the days to come. I ask you to allow Audra's mouth to heal well and completely. Give Lora the strength and stamina she needs to support Audra in this time. Father, allow the peace of Jesus to be so present in their lives that it spills over and splashes on all who they encounter.

We thank you, Jesus, for walking with them through this procedure. In your precious and holy name, Amen.

Let us know how things go.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Bless her heart; I'd rather birth a child than to have any dental work done. My son had to have a titanium screw put into his upper gums this summer because he needs to have a crown made. I so empathize with you here and will be praying.

Bless her Lord...


fuzzytop said...

Praying for all these requests...


LisaShaw said...

Precious Sister, I am absolutely praying for Audra. I prayed as I read down your list.

GOD is faithful.

I love you.

Joy said...


We will be praying those requests for Audra.

Sounds like a painful post- surgery procedure too. Thankfully the mouth usually heals quickly.

Love and hugs!

lisasmith said...

I am praying your precious Audra keeps smiling!! Please keep us updated :)

B His Girl said...

Lord, thank you for the blessing I know Audra is to her family. She shines! I ask you Lord to cover this trip and the grafting process for Audra. I pray she will look to you who will keep her in perfect peace. Your smile is on her. Let her rest in your love and have a fast recovery time. Lord we thank you for your Presence in our lives. I pray Audra knows of your love and care for her during this time. Lord I also ask for you to strengthen Lora as she helps her child through this. In Jesus Name, Amen

an encourager said...

I prayed as I read your blog. That was a great list!!! I added mercy to my prayer because my last surgery it was apparent the Lord had doused me with it! I want that for your daughter. I esp loved that you thought to pray for no electrical outages. I would not have thought of that. Smart mom!

Georgia Jan said...

I will be praying for your sweet girl. My husband had this done recently and he is the biggest "dental whimp" of all, I am serious - and he did GREAT! It healed super fast and did what it was supposed to - I am believing the same for Audra!

He had to get braces back in June to correct a serious bite problem that was "shifting" and he is so embarrassed...he says he is too old, but he (we) is not! :)

Blessings to your family.

GA Jan

Audra E. said...

Hi you all, thanks for the prayers. the surgery went well enough that I watched them do the whole thing (besides numbing me) and actually found every single bit of it fascinating. I've been a little dizzy and uncoordinated (due to the meds they gave me to relax me), and cranky (poor Mom must've been going crazy w/ how I was acting in the car on the way home!) and I just woke up after sleeping for four hours, so i'm feeling pretty good for now. The pain is pretty bad at times (why I was so cranky on the hour drive home), but so far, I seem to be doing well.

I did a lot better during than the surgery than I thought I would, because I was pretty freaked out about it, and I think the nurses were a little worried about me as they were numbing me up, but as soon as I was numb, I even felt I could open my eyes and watch (which I wasn't going to do)... so I'm guessing that probably had to do something with you all praying.

so, all that to say...



JulMarSol said...

Good morning, Lora, I will keep your family in prayer. I trust in God that all will be as you ask. *hug*

Dani Joy said...

Oh I missed this post.

I pray that Audra is healing beautifully.

I actually might have to have a graph done. I am avoiding it like the plague. Tell me more if you have time.

Thanks for coming by to visit and comment. Love hearing from you too!

Audra E. said...

Dani, the graft itself isn't so bad. Once they get you numb, it goes pretty smoothly. If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask Mom, and she can send them on to me.