Oct 5, 2009

Memory Monday - God has the picture

"But godliness with contentment is great gain" were the first words I heard the Lord whisper to my waking heart this morning. I knew immediately what He meant.

We have just celebrated our five year anniversary here. Five years ago the LORD, without any doubt, moved us. That April, the Salesman got an offer, one that was too good to pass by, on his business. I'll never forget that day or the events that followed. We were getting ready to go to a Sunday School meeting. The "we" was me and the children. The Salesman had not made it home yet; but I was confident he would. Then I got the call from him saying he'd got an offer to buy the business and he was going to settle on a price with the party...He probably would not be home in time to go to the meeting. The time was right for this business deal and I just knew it, and he did too. I thought of the conversations we'd had about his work. The knowing that this opportunity had been given to us. Little did I know that the this phone call or that day would change everything about the little perfect world I was living in.

I would not have changed anything about the life I was living - location, home, school, church, neighbors, family, friends - nothing. Life was good. But the events that followed April 15th could only have been orchestrated by God and I had a first hand view of the God show that was about to unfold in my perfect world. The world that I would have never dreamed of leaving.

The business deal was finalized in July. Papers signed. Deal done. School was out for the summer. No longer would the Salesman be driving to the office that he had put so much of his life into. What do we do next? The Salesman was a natural at his work. He had been a salesman for, well, all his life it seemed. And he was good at what he did. The competition had consistently tried to steal him away. Every option and door locally began to close though. It became obvious we would move - but where? Every door opened in the southern direction.

We put our home on the market in September. I thought we would be there for months - the market was flooded with homes, absolutely flooded. Several agents recommended listing our home for much more than we ever dreamed it would be worth. We went with their BIG suggestion. I was reeling in my mind; I did not really think anyone would pay that much for our home in this market. I thought I was set. I would live on my Hallmark street forever, in my lovely home, my lovely life.

The photographer for the real estate magazine came to take pictures - our home was picked for the cover! I was not surprised about that - we had a lovely home. A historic, tree lined neighborhood that Hallmark had even used as a backdrop to film two movies. It was picturesque. We had lived there for twelve years. So many memories. When the agent sent me pictures of our home that would be showcased in the magazine, I remember being upset. In my mind, the pictures did not do our home justice. I was mad. No, I wasn't excited about moving; but if I was going to have my home shown to the "whole world" (really just our area) I wanted it to look as good to everyone else as it did to me. I went to bed mad about those pictures. Yes, mad about pictures. I was awakened by one of the loudest peals of thunder and the brightest flash of lightening and the words spoken to my heart (as real as if they had been audible):

"That picture of your house that you're so worried about, I have it."

And have it, HE DID. Within the week, two parties were willing to pay the asking price... and the funniest thing ever - the real estate magazine with the picture of my home on the front had not even come out yet! God had the picture of our home. Closing came 30 days later.

I did get a gazillion copies of the magazine though. Still have several in fact...

We bought a home at auction near a piece of property my grandfather had given our family that we thought we would build a home on. Five years later, suffice it to say, no home has been built yet. And furthermore, we don't think we will build on *that* piece of property. And lately, I've been discontent about my home. This temporary stop, or so I thought, on the way to our dream home. I have wanted the LORD to hurry up with my home - my dream home. As I've opened kitchen cabinets lately, I've wanted new cabinets. And new hardware. And new granite. And new... You get the idea.

No wonder I heard I Timothy 6:6 early this morning: "But godliness with contentment is great gain." (KJV) It's where I want to be. Contentment is what I need from The One who still has the picture of my home. So, I plan to tuck this Scripture in my heart this next week.

It's hard to believe it has been five years. The move, hands down, has been the BEST ever for our family. I'll save that for another post. God's hand has been so evident all along the way.

My dear sister-in-love, Nancy, wrote this prayer when they were praying for a new home. I'm pulling it back out to pray along with I Timothy 6:6:

Home is where the heart is:
Let my heart dwell in Your hand,
Not growing roots within walls
Constructed by a man;
Not set on things that can be bought
Of silver and of gold.
Oh let mine be a heart not cast
Within a world-wrought mold.
Wrap my heartstrings around Your palm,
Thread them through the nail-pierced hole;
Knot them once and twice again,
Like reins in Your complete control.
From all goodly attachments
Would I repent -
In any earthly dwelling
Make me content!
For Your presence is joy's fullness,
Wherever my feet roam.
Home is where the heart is:
Let Your hand be my heart's home.


Andrea said...

After giving you this verse, GOD took you on a trip down memory lane giving you "many" beautiful blessings to be thankful for and most certainly draw you to contentment. Thank you for sharing your journey. Often, we forget all the blessings, b/c we are consumed with what "we" want!

GOD BLESS, sweet one! Hope you have a wonderful day.

Blessings and prayers, andrea

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Good morning, Lora!

I loved hearing this part of your story and was so blessed. I'm not feeling very happy with the home we have in Phoenix--it's fine, but not really HOME. And I find myself wishing for money to change it, to redecorate it, to buy treasures to make it home.

But it's a rental and we're only here for a year.

So the reminder that my HOME is more than four walls, but the hand of my Creator was very much needed.

Love you!


B His Girl said...

Thanks Lora for this post. There were many things that spoke to me. God does have the picture. Please pray I get a copy of it today. Smiles, B

Ginger said...

Wow! I can so relate! We have been here 4 years and know without a doubt that God brought us here, but I struggle with discontent so often. All the tasks to turn this fixer-upper into a dream house are overwhelming...and out of our budget of late. God has been reminding me lately that He is my treasure and my true home.
PS I have enjoyed your blog as a "stalker" for a while now; I'd love for you to join me at my new blog. You helped inspire me!

Leah said...

What a beautiful glance into Lora's life. Thanks for sharing with us. Contentment is so elusive for so many.


LisaShaw said...

Precious Sister, what a beautiful message and opportunity to walk with you a bit in your thoughts and in what GOD is showing you and doing in your life.

Hold on to HIM.

Love you.

Joy said...

It is so comforting to know that the Lord cares and always gives us what is best for each of our special needs.

That is a great testimony!