Oct 30, 2009

A lesson learned in the garden

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year.
There is so much I enjoy during this season - the asters in the garden,
The colorful leaves fluttering from the branches till they find a spot to land,
The hydrangea leaves changing color as they put on their rusty coat,
The pansies unfolding and brightening planters,
I enjoy everything common to this time of year.
But I was most blessed today by an uncommon blessing - a single bud becoming a bloom, an October rose! I just did not expect this bud! We had already trimmed most of the rose bush back and had mulched the plants for fall. And we have had frost several times this season. God has a way of using common every day life to speak truth to my heart. God has been doing some new things in Audra's life. And this rose was the LORD's way of reminding me that He could do what He wants, when He wants.
Audra had planned to study to be an obstetrician. She set up a visit to Vanderbilt last April and had her dear little heart and mind set on medical school. No matter where else we looked or visited, Vanderbilt was always her first choice. And although her daddy, the Salesman, thought it was too far away, he agreed that studying medicine was a logical choice. And then very recently, the LORD has changed Audra's direction from medicine to music. A big change; but more importantly - a GOD change. A change that HE whispered and has confirmed to Audra's heart. And the word she keeps hearing is *faith*.

The word the LORD has been speaking to me for some time is *faith*. So today while I'm out enjoying the splendor of our LORD's creation, GOD knows that my heart has a lot of questions. I love music. I enjoy music. I can not sing a note though; I am not inclined in this area at all. I am a joyful noisemaker. I fondly remember my dear sister-in-love, Gretchen, asking me as she played our piano, if I could not tell it was out of tune. No, I couldn't. The musical gene skipped me. Completely. And what once seemed settled is now a new process. A new road. A dream is awakening in Audra's heart. And without a doubt, the LORD is giving her wings. We are seeking the LORD's direction. What next, LORD? Where do you want us to start? We want to follow Him and His lead, even when we *think* we have it all figured out. The Salesman has questions, too. There is so much we just don't know. But we know The ONE who does know. GOD is asking us, bidding us to take this walk of faith. Even when the asters and pansies are in bloom, the LORD can cause a rose to bloom. One of my heart's desires for both of the teens is that they would know and do God's will.
So I come back inside, just marveling that this rose is blooming amidst the obvious change in seasons and the frost. I kept saying, "LORD, YOU can do whatever you want." I went back to my desk and searched my concordance for a verse that said, "GOD can do whatever HE wants." I just wanted to read those words in THE WORD. So, I asked, LORD may I find words in YOUR WORD that speak to my heart about this change going on and the rose blooming at the end of October? Help me LORD. I opened my Bible to Psalms. Chapters 145, 146 and 147 were facing me and I started reading. Psalm 147:15-18 seemed to speak directly to my heart:

"He sends for HIS command to the earth;
His word runs very swiftly. (Just when I need confirmation LORD)
He gives snow like wool;
He scatters the frost like ashes.(You protect what YOU intend to bloom)
He casts forth His ice as fragments;
Who can stand before His cold?(Only what YOU desire LORD)
HE sends forth His word and melts them;
He causes His wind to blow and the water to flow."(We are waiting for YOUR mighty work)

The LORD gave me just what I needed - my GOD can do whatever HE wants, whenever He wants verse. I also thought of a verse my sister-in-love, Nancy, shared with me regarding God's will for Audra's life:
"The LORD will accomplish what concerns me;" Psalm 138:8a.
HIS WORD is life to me.
LORD, You reign over each earthly season,
YOU know our pilgrim pathway, when it changes and we don't see the reason.
I declare, "We are going to trust YOU"
To accomplish what before time began, YOU intended to.
Let our hearts be filled with vibrant faith and belief,
YOUR will foremost, and let us settle for no thing beneath.
Thank YOU LORD that for each life YOU have a destiny or dream-
We intend to follow YOU verses what is easily seen.

May Audra Elizabeth know and do
The work for her life that YOU'VE intended her to.
Let us not worry if the way or study is unconventional,
Let each faith step in YOU be very intentional.
We throw out any thing in us that is man's logic and man's reason,
Do a mighty work LORD in Audra's life, in YOUR time and season.

To be planted in YOUR will and garden is our heartfelt desire and care.
Cause YOUR beautiful music in Audra to bloom,
As medicine is swept out with the GOD broom.

LORD, we ask for YOUR direction,
Give us YOUR wisdom and YOUR holy, godly introspection.
Let us boldly move forward with steps of faith,
Grounded and secure in YOUR way, let us not falter or quake.
In the mighty, splendid NAME that is above all names, Amen.


fuzzytop said...

A beautiful reminder of great truths....

Loved this post Lora!


Andrea said...

Lora, your post is beautiful and bathed with a mother's love and a full abandon to the Lord's word.

You have encouraged me this morning. As I read, I thought of God's dealings with my heart - how I face many of the same struggles. I am not good at dealing with uncertainty, and I know the Lord understands, which explains why I go through so much of it. :)

Thank you so much for sharing your heart and soul. May the Lord bless you greatly! He will lead you, and Audra, too!



elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Ever since my children were born, I've prayed that they would each walk in their God-ordained callings early on--not wait until their 40's (like their momma) to figure it all out. I see it happening in the life of my oldest son (now 20) as God continues to shape his heart in a particular direction.

I pray the same for your daughter. Let's not underestimate the prayers we pray on behalf of our children. It takes faith to pray them, even more faith to believe them. Our God hears us and tends to our every heart's plea. He is faithful and will continue to direct our children in the way they should go; oh, and let's also pray that they have the heart and willingness to LISTEN!

Find your Sabbath rest with God this weekend. Thanks, as always, for stopping by and weighing in.


LisaShaw said...

Precious Lora, your words brought me into prayer and what a beautiful place to be. I stand with you. Thank you for the photos and even more for the transparency of your heart.

I love you.

Ginger said...

A sweet encouraging word! The Lord has been reminding me lately that He will finish what He's started in my daughters. That is a precious promise to a mama's heart!

an encourager said...

That was very neat and inspiring. I see that God compensated the non-singing voice for the ability to write poetry!

Lora said...

Thank you all for your encouragement! Cordy, your words bless me. Thank you.