Aug 5, 2009

Deeper Still & Meeting Beth Moore

Meeting Beth Moore was a highlight of the trip to Deeper Still in Greensboro, NC. I am still jumping up and down in thanksgiving to the Lord for delighting my heart in so many ways this weekend. You may have already seen a couple of these pictures on the LPM blog; I'm right between sweet Siesta Nesha and Mama Beth who is holding Baby Liam.Kristi organized a group luncheon for Friday before the conference and I feel so very blessed to have gathered with many sweet Siestas at Smokey Bones in Greensboro. Pictured here outside the restaurant:
Front: Haley, Carolyn, Judy H, Lori with Liam, Susan and Judy P
Back row: Me, Nesha, DeAnna, Tammy and Kristi
Here at the coliseum, we were all soo excited when Beth and her new assistant Michelle came through the door. And Ron was there to secure the door behind them!
Beth was drawn to Baby Liam.
I snapped pictures as Rich took professional shots. I saw Beth tenderly touch faces and hair. I heard her whisper encouraging words. She blessed my heart as much up close as she does from a distance. She's the real thing.

Beth gave sweet hugs and tender words all around. She is precious, just absolutely precious. I was thrilled beyond belief to meet my Bible study hero of the faith.
We had wonderful seats for the conference.
Great views of all the speakers.
Travis led us to worship at the footstool of our Lord. I had a picture taken with him; but I was talking in it...

Big Mama and Boo Mama made an appearance Friday evening.
Priscilla Shirer is a beautiful and powerful speaker. When we lived in the Carolina's, I'd tune her daddy in on the radio as I would settle in for the evening. As I listened to her speak, I thought of her rich godly heritage. I have many wonderful word pictures in my heart and mind from her message on Ephesians 3:20 and 21. Her passage is my new Scripture memory work. She took me beyond, beyond with believing what the Lord can do. I will share my notes with you all soon.
Sisters nearby were holding hands and I just *had* to snap a picture...
If Kay Arthur had not confirmed that she is indeed 75 years old, I don't think I would have believed it. She is lovely, fashionable and funny. Scripture and wisdom just poured forth when she would speak. When my Grandpa Garrett was living, Kay Arthur was one of his favorite speakers. Now that I've heard her in person, I know why. She's on my list too!
At our Siesta luncheon on Friday, we were visiting with precious new friends and were treated to a sweet phone call from Beth Moore. Oh my, we were so surprised and excited!
Talking with Beth Moore on my speaker phone - smiles and laughter all around!
My roommate and dear friend, Nesha.
Sweet friends, sweet memories, One Amazing GOD.


Leah said...

What a blast!! I am jealous--with a godly jealousy, of course!! I so wanted to go but just couldn't plan it because of my mom's uncertain health situation at the time I would have needed to purchase my ticket!! I'll live vicariously through all of you.


Dani Joy said...

Oh my! What an event! What a blessed time of fellowship and love! How incredible! Your cup must be overflowing for sure.

Can´t wait to read your notes.

B His Girl said...

I do love Beth. How fun to meet her and be blessed by the trio teaching. Can't wait to hear the notes. B

LisaShaw said...


I absolutely loved the photos and your sharing. GOD is always doing something so great because HE IS GREAT! It is special when you're able to meet your Bible faith person so to speak as I had the opportunity to meet and talk to Joyce Meyer uninterrupted and she's been the power house for me since 1986.

I am not familiar with the Deeper Still conferences until the last several days when someone mentioned it to me after viewing my latest vlog last Thursday on where GOD has me -- going deeper, deeper and deeper still. I'm excited the Holy Spirit has us all on one accord as He always does.

I love you and appreciate you. I look forward to hearing/reading more.

Joy said...


You certainly did have a marvelous journey. I am happy you were able to go.

The only name I recognized was Kay Arthur. I am not familiar with this ministry.


Robin said...

Lora your journey with friends looks like you have lots of good conversations and friend time.

Going to conventions with girlfriends have been some of my best memories.

fuzzytop said...

I am so happy for you Lora! Glad you had such a blessed and precious time, and I look forward to reading your notes.

Much love,

an encourager said...

Sisters, unite!!! That was sweet and inspiring. I've never heard of Priscilla Shirer, but am going to Google her and find something of hers to listen to. Thanks!

Wife of Rob said...

OH LORA!!!!!

I'm SO glad you got to go and I dearly wish that I could have been there. What a special time....and I'm just so excited that you got to meet Beth. I loved looking at the pictures!


JulMarSol said...

Lora, what a memorable event this will be for you. What a true blessing!

Latte With Me said...

I'm happily and lovingly jealous of your adventures!

I'll have the Deeper Still experience in December 2010!!!

Kristi said...

I was with Susan at Deeper Still. Thank you so much for the awesome seats. I had an absolutley amazing weekend. I can't thank you enough. I'm anxously awaiting next years ticket to go on sale.

Luanne said...

Lora--thanks for sharing your experiences! What a sweetheart Beth is! Hope your summer is going good!

Andrea said...

U have an award at arise 2 write!!

Sarah Dawn said...

What a wonderful time, what a wonderful Lord. Just found your site via Arise 2 Write. Congrats sweet one on the award.

Keep writing, the world is reading,

Hugs from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Isn't that something? You were in my neck of the woods. I've seen Beth many times before but never have had the joy of meeting her. I'm glad for your time away and for the refreshment you received. We're getting geared up for Priscilla's study "one in a million" this fall. It's a fabulous study so chock full of truth and wisdom and just what I need as I begin this new phase of living.

Thanks for sharing this memory with me.