May 29, 2009

Socks and Stages

Audra started knitting one pair of pink socks for Victoria Leigh and a blue pair for me... and then ran out of both of the multicolored yarns... only to find out that they were no longer stocking either yarn when she tried to buy more...thus the totally mismatched socks. Victoria Leigh has enjoyed wearing one of each color...As I think about placing my next order, I'm glad we know now exactly how much yarn is needed for a pair!

And we have complementary colors blooming in the garden.
The purple coneflower plants
are blooming in stages.
Beautiful stages.
Yarrow is blooming in the herb garden.
This undemanding perennial, with fern like foliage, is adding splashes of yellow around the chives
and lamb's ear.
The bees are busy.


Andrea said...

I love how Victoria Lee wore both of her carefully knitted socks. They are beautiful.
Your pictures are beautiful...andrea

Joy said...


The sox are beautiful. On the fashion runway no one would bat an eye at two colors. Just start a new fashion trend!


B His Girl said...

This just makes me smile. The complimentary colors do look good together. Lora you make me want to garden more. b

Andrea said...

The flowers are beautiful, and the socks are adorable!

Thank you so much for your kind, precious comments and congratulations on my anniversary.

I appreciate your friendship and kinship.

May the Lord bless you this weekend with joy and peace.

In His Love,


LisaShaw said...

What cute socks!!!

Loved the photos of the flowers too. Thanks for always sharing the beauty of GOD with us.

I love you and your precious and loving family.

Sheryl said...

i LOVE her socks just the way there. and i want to make some. do you think she'd share her pattern?

Lora said...

Thank you all for your kind words! Sheryl, Audra is glad to share her pattern with you. We will send it via e-mail.