May 6, 2009

I call her blessed

As Mother's Day approaches, my heart is overflowing with sweet memories of my dear mother and I'd like to pause today and call her blessed. Twenty years ago my dear mother went to live eternally with Jesus after a very brief bout with leukemia. I am blessed beyond belief to know that she is alive with Jesus! My mother was a godly woman who loved the Word and her family. She loved and served her family tirelessly and joyfully. I've mentioned her love for her family in previous posts. But today, I'd love to share how she always made every holiday special and how her influence continues to bless me today.Daddy and Mother on their 25 anniversary in October of 1988.

Growing up, we celebrated every Christmas and Thanksgiving with family, friends, good food, great activities and wonderful traditions. Many Easter celebrations we travelled to see extended family. The *big* events were always full of fun. But my mother also made the every day routine enjoyable too. When Valentine's Day would fall on a school day, I'd open my Raggedy Ann lunchbox to find my sandwich cut out in the shape of a heart. The fun continued into college when she would make the most delicious caramels and wrap them individually in red candy foils. She would send the package through campus mail, brimming with a supply for my roommates to enjoy as well.

My dear mother's traditions of celebrating and enjoy the holidays is being carried on. And this Mother's Day, I'm really looking forward to the celebration the teens have planned. Some years, Mother's Day has been a bit sad not having my dear mother to sit in her chair at the table. But I am so thankful for the sweet memory I have of her and that the Lord blessed me with the family I have been given. Amanda left me a comment this week asking if we were related. Her question was in response to a comment a follower of this blog left on her blog. (I think my cousin left a comment on Amanda's blog that may have been intended to go on the comment section for our family post about the trip to Franklin. I'm not for certain, but I think that may have been what happened.) But it got me to thinking. As thankful to the Lord I am for Amanda and her dear family, I am truly blessed to be in the family that the Lord has given me. I am glad to say that Amanda and I are sisters in the Lord.

At least two months ago, the teens started planning a Mother's Day celebration. Audra asked me for a wish list, so I gave her the following:Then she kindly returned it to me and asked me to add some items she could purchase for me, so I added a few *things* to the list and returned it to her. But I reiterated that the *things* I love most are the *things* she makes or the *things* she thinks of for me. I was then invited to her room for a listening session - this was new to me. She would brings songs up on the computer and I couldn't look at the monitor (this was really hard for a visual learner) and she wanted me to tell her if I liked the songs. Some of the words and music were awesome - I can't remember what I listened to; but, it was fun playing her game. Audra also asked me not to check my e-mail last, I think some *thing* has been purchased on-line.

And Victoria Leigh has been planning the Mother's Day luncheon. I was asked to select my favorite menu so she could do a market list. I did not realize that I had so many favorite meals. And then deciding which dessert to have... Then the narrowing down process was fun - Oh, you all, I feel like the queen. I've been tickled, just tickled that this celebration talk started in March and as the day approaches, I'm finding myself giddy with excitement.

I'm giddy that for Mother's Day my dear family has planned a celebration treat
With thanksgiving we'll gather, & guaranteed, something delicious we will eat
And although, at one time I would have jumped to be related to Amanda Moore
I know my own dear family, for me, is what You intended and have in store
Where I am is exactly where You intended
I am blessed by Your placement, and in no way offended
Lord, I am so thankful for the fond memories of my dear, devoted mother
I thank you Lord, and I sincerely choose no other
To any who are missing their mother this special day
I pray You'll be their God of comfort in every way
I bless You Lord for the memory of my dear devoted mother
I honestly thank you Lord and would choose no other


LisaShaw said...

What a handsome photo of your parents. You were richly blessed to have such a Mother as I know you know.

I look forward to being reunited with my Grandparents in the presence of the LORD.

Sweet one I so appreciate your comment on my blog and it wasn't Adriana (my youngest) we were praying for but Katrice our adult daughter. Adriana is so on fire for JESUS and we are believing for Katrice in Jesus Name. Thank you for your prayers and your love.

I am loving the Beth Moore book also. Tell your hubby to share with you (smile). When you get to the page I read (that's on my blog) it will blow you away. God is good!

Love you.

LisaShaw said...

Oh Oh Oh...YES YES YES dear one Lora. I was thinking of Katrice as I know you are one of the sisters praying with me for her. But yes, Adriana was hurting deeply over the loss of Mommy (our cat).

She is doing so much better now as she knows she is with the Lord as well. Our dogs are keeping her filled up with lots of love and laughter and so I think God is using them to nurture her heart. They are playful and loving Maltese dogs.

Thank you again dear sister. Love ya.

Joy said...


Just seeing the picture of your parents together brought tears.

I am so thankful that she lived to be there for your wedding. I have always wished I could have had time to get to know her.

I see the two fine children she left behind and know what a great mother she was. I see her grandchildren and wish she could have see them.

You can truly say~ Psalm 16:6 The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; Yea, I have a goodly heritage.


Cindy said...

What a wonderful photograph of your parents. I know that she would be so proud of you and how others see Jesus in you through this blog.

Happy Mother's Day.

Dani Joy said...

This was such a sweet and beautiful tribute!

I want to do something similar for my mom! I wish there was a way to tell her all I want to. I must tell her while I can.

I went away and left her there. How can I ever make that up to her. I know her reward is in heaven one day but her sacrifice now is great!

How fun it must be to see your girls planning to treat you! How exciting!

Lora said...

Lisa, you are right, I was richly blessed by my mother. We will have a wonderful reunion some fine day! I will continue to pray for Katrice and am so thankful that Adriana is doing better. And Lisa, we have a Maltese dog too - Lilly Belle. She has become a delightful part of our family.

My heart is full of thanksgiving too Joy that my mother was at our wedding. I was just sharing with the teens this last week how much she enjoyed all the planning and the details. And I know she would have been delighted to get to know you better. And the grandchildren - oh my... Mother was so excited over her friends grandbabies, I know she would have been loving every detail of her grands. My eyes mist as I read Psalm 16:6 about my heritage. I so appreciate your kind words.

Cindy, your kind words continually bless me. Thank you.

Thank you kindly Dani Joy. And yes, yes, yes, tell your mother now - while it is still day of your tender affection for her. God will reward you dear one for your service to Him. I'm like a little child with my excitement level! Happy Mother's Day to you.

Andrea said...

Lora, I have been so blessed to read this post. Your mother was such a lovely woman of God and wonderful mom. What an awesome legacy she has left you and your family!

God is certainly blessing you with a continuing tradition of remembrance on this Mother's Day.

Thank you for your inspiring words and life that waits by the lamp light.

In Christ's Love,


Leah said...


Thank you for sharing the picture of your parents with us!! How precious! Pictures become very, very precious once we deposit one of our loved ones in heaven. My daddy went to be with Jesus 4 1/2 years ago and so Father's Day is a tender day for me.

I hope you have a blessed Mother's Day!


Beth in NC said...

That is such a sweet tribute to your Mom! I'm sorry for your loss, but praise God -- you know that you will be together through eternity!

Thank you for the follow Lora! I am following you too!

Bless you & Happy Mother's Day!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

What a lovely tribute, Lora, to your mother. She has woven into your heart some precious remembrances. I know you long to see her again.

As for your mother's day plans, enjoy them! I'll be lucky to get a drive-thru burger at McDonald's, but like you, I don't care. It's my family that means the most to me.

Lots of love to you.


Luanne said...

An awesome tribute to your dear mom! Happy Mother's Day!

Nancy said...

I am so blessed, Lora, that the Lord designed me into your family, and praise Him for your mother's very special life.

I'm tickled by the girls' thoughtfulness - I know your day will be grand! Also am encouraged by your wish-list, containing simple gifts from the heart.