May 29, 2009

Socks and Stages

Audra started knitting one pair of pink socks for Victoria Leigh and a blue pair for me... and then ran out of both of the multicolored yarns... only to find out that they were no longer stocking either yarn when she tried to buy more...thus the totally mismatched socks. Victoria Leigh has enjoyed wearing one of each color...As I think about placing my next order, I'm glad we know now exactly how much yarn is needed for a pair!

And we have complementary colors blooming in the garden.
The purple coneflower plants
are blooming in stages.
Beautiful stages.
Yarrow is blooming in the herb garden.
This undemanding perennial, with fern like foliage, is adding splashes of yellow around the chives
and lamb's ear.
The bees are busy.

May 23, 2009

An Early Memorial Day

The road back to blogging has been longer than I expected it to be after my uncle went to live with the Lord last week. Thank you all kindly for your prayers and words of encouragement for our family.
I have many pictures to share with you. You may want to get a cup of tea. Here is the beautiful cross my cousin Tyler made.
The handmade cross rested on the Christian flag that draped the pine box casket and also cradled my uncle's well loved and well worn copy of the Word.Before the service, we shared sweet memories of my uncle with many relatives and friends. My cousin Justin (pictured on the left with his wife) spoke at the celebration service. He spoke words of worthy of celebration about a godly man who taught him to pray and encouraged him by the way he daily lived and loved.
Amidst my tears of his many sweet remembrances, all I could think of was "A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children..." Proverbs 13:22a. My Uncle Bill lived out this verse by leaving a godly heritage.An angel asleep in my brother's arms during the visiting hours.Susan sang "I Will Rise" with such power. On the last verse she tenderly inserted "he did rise when He called his name."
A lovely engraving on my grandparents gravestone.
My dear sister-in-love with the littlest angel.

A wildflower arrangement. Victoria Leigh and cousins. Sweet interaction with the Little Miss.
Snapping her picture through the car window. Strolling dolly through another cemetery as we remember other family members that are now alive with Jesus. Audra and Caroline gazing outside.A stuffed dog (that looks very much like Lilly Belle) introduced Caroline to the ivory keys.

I could not get enough pictures of my niece or my nephew.
It had only been a month since we'd seen their family; but still I wanted to snap their pictures continuously.
My nephew Arnie is a real treasure. Here he is with his own addition for a centerpiece for the lunch table. He and my dear brother had gone shooting in my grandmother's field and he brought back the can he used as a target. The night we had 19 in our little nest for dinner, he was a HUGE help to me. No one prompted him to ask if he could help, he just asked. And then gladly served by doing many helpful and last minute tasks that would not been completed before dinner guests arrived had he not offered to help.
Was had good times around the table.
Lilly Belle was comfortable in her bed as company overflowed our cozy little house on the hill.
I love the smile on my dear brother's face. Here he is pictured with our grandmother and aunt (in the background). My dear brother made so many deposits in my love tank during this visit. I have so many sweet remembrances of his kind and complimentary words of encouragement that he graciously spoke. He was complimentary about meals and details about our home which just blessed my heart. His words blessed me the days he spoke them and they continue to bless me as I remember them. Victoria Leigh made most of the delicious food we enjoyed, including the Oreo Truffles. My precious sister-in-love Nancy dipped the strawberries in the leftover chocolate for a lovely and delicious display on the buffet. I was so thankful for Nancy's nimble fingers in the kitchen as we prepared meals. Not only was she helpful in the kitchen, I'm so thankful she also took pictures for me, so I would have them to share with you! My cousins graciously washed ALL the dishes. Did I already say we had 19 for dinner one evening? Their kindness and sweet service was truly a labor of love.
We had many opportunities for hugs.
And my nephew never got tired of me taking his picture...
We enjoyed music from several musicians in the family.
These pictures taken of Sweet Caroline outside are *some* of my favorites...

Mr. Penguin takes a ride.
I loved the pose here - hands clasped, shoulders bent - however, I didn't get it centered very well.
My sister-in-love, Nancy, is a gem of great worth. I loved her from the time I met her in high school and the years have deepened my affection for her. She is a godly wife and mother and I am flat out blessed to call her sister and kindred spirit. I have been blessed with three wonderful sister-in-laws. Nancy's patient and gentle ways with my sweet niece, dear nephew and brother are so endearing. She is steeped in the Word and some of my favorite times with Nancy are sharing the Word together and encouraging one another. I have come to love when she prays over me. I am blessed.
I am so very thankful to the Lord for each and every member of my dear family.

I pray each of you has a blessed Memorial Day.

May 16, 2009

Ultimate Healing

This beautiful gathering of roses and fresh fruit on my Aunt Marie's counter makes me think of a still life painting. Does life ever call you to be still?
The Lord stilled our family this week. My mother's dear brother left his earthly home and went to live in his eternal mansion. I had prayed 3 John 2 over my Uncle Bill:

"Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers."

The verse was so appropriate for him.

The Lord answered prayers this week with the ultimate healing
No more pain or discomfort is my dear Uncle Bill feeling
He has experienced the Ultimate Healing.


Isaiah 40:8









Please pray for safety for my dear brother and his family as they travel the many miles ahead of them today. Pray the Lord would bless and strengthen our relationships as they stay part of this next week to visit. Pray for comfort for my aunt who has lost her mate of 52 years and planned a celebration of his life (not a funeral). I love this! A celebration! We have something to celebrate! My uncle knew where he was going! He is very much alive today!

My cousin Susan is going to sing "I Will Rise" at her father's celebration. Pray the Lord grants Susan a peace and calm and power that is a mighty evidence of the Spirit of God in her life. The Lord has given Susan a beautiful and powerful voice.

Pray for Justin, a budding young preacher, and cousin of mine, who will be speaking at the celebration. Pray the words he speaks are so steeped and grounded in the Word of the Living God that the One who sits upon the throne and welcomed my dear Uncle Bill home will be lifted high and exalted.

Pray for Tyler, a talented young woodworker, and cousin of mine, who is adding a very special touch that he has crafted to the pine box that will hold his grandfather's frame.

As the Lord leads, please remember our family before our Father.

We celebrate the One who gave my dear Uncle Bill the Ultimate Healing.

Random pictures of well loved and often visited pages in my Uncle Bill's Bible.