Mar 15, 2009

The Salesman & His Stuff

Victoria Leigh presented me with one of the first signs of spring from our yard last week when the bug that Miss Audra Elizabeth had made it to me. I set it beside a tissue box on the nightstand and it brightened an otherwise dreary few days.The teens and I are like little kids when the Salesman brings *stuff* home or receives *stuff* in the mail. This week the teens enjoyed a viewfinder he received promoting a meeting.It amazed me how long they sat in his recliner and enjoyed the viewfinder. I'm certain the teens viewed it far more times than the Salesman.I love this picture of Victoria Leigh with her darlin' baby face leaning on her dear sister's shoulder. Seeing her thumb in this picture, reminds me of when she was five years old and I'd ask her if she was sucking her thumb and she'd pull her thumb out and give me the sweetest look.For the record, she was not sucking her thumb. She did stop when she was six. Seeing my baby at fourteen years old, I am enjoying to the fullest the glimpses I'm getting in the view finder of her life that remind me of when she was a wee one. And this next picture is so funny to me because Victoria Leigh got creative and used the viewfinder box as a viewfinder while waiting for her sister.Thank you all for your prayers for Audra! She started feeling better by mid-week and just at the time Victoria Leigh started to feel a bit under the weather. Praise the Lord, we are all on the mend!


Patty said...

I am so sorry you have been sick!! May you all stay well!!!

Have a great week.

JulMarSol said...

Beautiful, darling girls, still in a time of innocence. My darling daughter is also 14 and I still look at her as my baby girl. I do not believe they will ever be anything else in a momma's eyes. *winks*

Lora said...

Thank you dear Patty! Please keep us in your prayers!

Jules, I so agree with you - I do not think they will ever be anything else in my eyes.

B His Girl said...

Beautiful flower and girls. B