Mar 25, 2009

A New Do & Doing Something New

Since Victoria Leigh had been talking about donating her long hair to Locks of Love, I've been appreciating her hair so much more.I've been remembering all the times we've used the pink foam rollers and how she cracks me up by reading the dictionary while I roll. We both learn many new and interesting facts this way. She has a head full of hair and we have some wonderful bonding time over the hair and the hairdo's.Victoria Leigh would try many different styles with her long and lovely locks. Her profile here reminded me of a lovely Victorian lady.She's a darlin' teen indeed with her hair past her shoulders. But she had made up her mind, it was time to cut her hair. A call to our hairdresser in a nearby town, indicated that we could not get in till the end of the month due to her spring break schedule and her reduced hours in the shop. My baby decided I could do her hair. NEWS BULLETIN - I don't do hair - I'm not talented or gifted in that area. She encouraged me to watch the step-by-step video at Locks of Love.She donned one of her daddy's old shirts and was ready for me to get the scissors. Still I was hesitant...And it was here that the Lord allowed me to see a spiritual parallel in my own life. I measured and announced that it was almost 12 inches to send to Locks of Love. We had already measured. Several times. Has the Lord set a boundary and marked it in your life like He has mine? "I'm doing something new here," He says to me. Yet I want to keep looking back and measuring where I've been and making my life out of my yesterdays.I brushed her hair again. And again. It was at this point it was evident I was stalling. The Lord was speaking to me so loud and clear. Here was the evident going back again and again, the grooming and caring for what is no longer needed for the journey ahead.Then I re-adjusted the pony tail holder. I was still stalling. Here in where my heart is wanting to question and say, "Lord, are you sure? You want all of this old to go?" I hear two teens say, "Mama, please cut!"I finally picked up the scissors and started to cut. It did take a while to cut her pony tail off. Dear child has enough hair for three people. I was so glad Audra had snapped some pictures for us. I don't remember smiling. I remember being intent on cutting the hair. I had never cut hair before. I had trimmed Audra's bangs one time. We had to go to the hairdresser to straighten *things* out... But I was smiling. There was joy in the journey. I held on tight with one hand and focused on the opening and closing of the scissor blades until the job was complete.And there was also a very delighted young teen. I love this picture because when she went to flip those long locks (as she always use to do), they were gone. And I loved the smile! Then her older sister (who had a friend over) joined in on the excitement and wanted to help her with styling...oh, the sweet love of a sister! This delighted my soul. Audra stood on a step stool and curled her sister's new bob. Then after she curled each and every lock and they saw what the new do looked like with a headband; Victoria washed her hair and they scrunched it and did styles with the hair gel. In so many ways, as a mother, Audra's actions blessed my heart. Her actions made me think of the "great cloud of witnesses" the Lord talks about in Hebrews 12:1 "Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us." This spoke to my heart. God is not going to call me to some *thing* and leave me alone. NEVER - EVER. We are shoulder to shoulder in this battle of life. There is a great cloud of witnesses surrounding us - just like what Audra did for Victoria.Victoria Leigh had the form filled out to send in with her hair donation before a cut was ever made. She had a baggie for the ponytail and an envelope to mail it all in ready to go. Just like the Lord, who has every detail in place before we see any activity. Yet, it took me five days to take it to the post office. I wanted to hang on to the old hair, brush it, think about the old styles. But look how darlin' this new do is. And all this curl is natural.No foam rollers or curling irons, just natural beauty that was weighted down.
Lord God, You flat out amaze me and bless my heart
Through every day occurrences, Your Truth, You impart
Lord, You know, how hesitant I am to try something new
And here You teach me through my baby's hair "do"
Just like the rubber band dividing her hair
You've marked my territory and You are there
I hesitate and Lord, it is obvious, I stall
Still I hear You gently to my heart call
Cut off the old
Take from Your courage and be bold
Cut off and send the old out
Your glory longs be be displayed and shout
I've got to make the cut
Stop living in a sinful rut
Obedience is obeying when you call
Help me Lord, I find I stall
I look back to brush and measure
But I do not want to miss Your good pleasure
Help me not to dwell on each yesterday
But with an open heart, be guided today
As the old is cut off and sent out
Your glory has room to shout
The lightening of my burden, my load
The Spirit prompts, no need to goad
I will not worry if *it* has NEVER EVER been done before
My heart Lord is willing and before You I stand, an open door
Keep my eyes focused on You
You will lead me and tell me specifically what to do
I'm ready Lord
I'm waiting for You
I'm ready Lord
I want the joy you promise all along the way
My heart is surrendered to You, today
With a great cloud of witnesses You surround
May You exceedingly amaze me and Your Spirit abound
Cut off and send out the old
New things are coming, in You, make me bold.


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Great post, Lora! And your daughter's hair is still beautiful!! Love that look!!

Blessings, friend!


Nancy said...

So much I enjoyed here, Lora - the photos, seeing your beautiful faces (I recognize your sweet mother in your profile), your descriptions, and the insight of your spiritual parallels. I have no doubt that the "new thing" the LORD is doing in you will be fresh and lovely as Victoria's unweighted curls.

Candace C said...

Lora - hello! I found your blog through another one...I recognize you from Manley and wanted to say hi! It looks like you homeschool, we do too! And I love blogging. :) So, just had to say hi!

Candace Crabtree

Dani Joy said...

What a big leap of faith! What big change and what a special offering! I am so touched that your daughter wanted to do this for such a good cause. Praise the Lord for a tender heart.

Thanks for stopping by to see my tortilla makin´fun.

What´s habachi? Is it spicy? I love spicy!!

God bless my sister.

Nancy said...

p.s. Took great delight in hearing that Victoria reads the dictionary. My precious father is the only other dictionary reader I know.

LisaShaw said...

Your daughter is such a sweetie! She is gorgeous regardless of what length her hair is (as you know) because she is beautiful inside and out. How could she not be with a Mommy like YOU!!!

I have missed you my dear sister. It's 8:52 pm but I had to pop in since I'm back online from my time with the Lord and O how sweet it was.

I look forward to visiting with you again. You have a beautiful, loving family dear friend and I'm so blessed deeply blessed to know you. For in the every day simple and beautiful treasures of life I can hear your heart for the LORD -- refreshing!!!

I love you.

B His Girl said...

Thanks for sharing this moment with us on the www. How wonderful to share your locks and how beautiful your new do is!!!! Oh to have some curl like that...I could almost turn a shade of green. That was a word too about what we do with the old and stalling...I am very familar with that technique. May God continue to share His heart for others with you Victoria. B

Lora said...

Thank you dear Beth!

Nancy, I think I have my mother's nose! Your encouragement is sweet! And I can only say Victoria takes after the Salesman in her voracious love of reading.

Candace, so glad you came By The Lamp Light! The welcome mat is out and the lamp light is on! Yes, we home school!!!

Dani Joy, hibachi chicken is a meal that I was introduced to at a Japanese restaurant. With Victoria's encouragement, we've started making it at home. We are still trying to perfect the shrimp sauce that is normally served with it.

Lisa Shaw, I have missed you Sister. Welcome back from your time with the Lord. I'm looking forward to hearing what the Lord has given you.

Dear B, I want Victoria to read your kind words. That old and stalling technique, I pray that it is in our past!

Cindy said...

Such a sweet post. Victoria's new do is beautiful. She has the hair that I have always wished I had been born with.

Laundry Lady said...

You did a great job! And what a beautiful head of hair she STILL has. What I wouldn't give for that natural curl. Beautiful.

Lori Anne

Lora said...

Thank you Cindy and Lori Anne for your kind words. She woke up with her hair looking that way - just so cute!

twinkle said...

Is is possible that Victoria is even more beautiful with the new style?
Great faith lesson here. Thank you for sharing. I would have been so afraid to make that first cut.

lisasmith said...

Beautiful parallels. Lord, make me bold.

I see how He calls me to move just like your daughter did and yet, I stall. May I move at His beckoning!!

Wonderful story, Lora.