Mar 23, 2009

Memory Monday

Merry Memory Monday to you! This week I tucked Revelation 4:11 in my heart:

Worthy are You, our Lord and our God, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things, and because of Your will they existed, and were created.

This verse from the scene penned by John from around the throne just amazes me. As I started to memorize, I love that the verse says "our Lord and God". Yes, He's mine and yes, He can be yours too; but around the throne, He is our God.

This week, the phrase "all things" just tugged at my heart and mind. So I looked up *all* in the dictionary and found it to mean:

on every occasion, at every time, ceaselessly, continuously, forever.

That is good news to me that the Lord has it all covered. Then I looked up *things* and got tickled with all the examples:

Some *thing* has come up.
*Things* are going well today.
I don't have any *thing* to wear.
I just have one *thing* to say.
Pack your *things*.
His baby is a cute little *thing*.
There is a *thing* on the *thingee*. (This one was mine - I have been known to give this very descriptive description before!)

The word *things* pretty much covered the gamut from impersonal objects, to thoughts and people. Here are a few of my personalized *things* from the revolving list of *things* that I have:

my dad's health
the move
a new direction
the economy
__________ (fill in the blank, insert your own *thing* to the list, if you'd like)

So when I get to the line where it states "for You created all things, and because of Your will they existed, and were created", I personalize it with one of my *things*:

"for You created ____________ (all things),
and because of Your will __________ (they) existed, and were created."

Seeing my *things* in light of this verse, God has created my *things*, and because of His will they existed, and were created - Whoa, I think it's time to give Him some praise:

Ruler, Creator, Ancient of Days
My heart resounds with words of praise
You have my all *things* in Your plan
Help me to press on, and for You alone to stand
You are mighty and in control
No matter how my emotions like a coaster roll
You are Worthy of glory and honor and power
I praise You Lord, this very hour.

Next week I plan to review the last four verses I've memorized:

Acts 1:8
Philippians 1:21
I John 1:9
Revelation 4:11

Lord willing, I'll write them for you from memory, next Monday.


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Hi Lora!

Great post! The creator of "all things"! That makes the list endless, doesn't it? Love that verse!

Have a blessed day!


Cindy said...

Comforting to know that He has "all things" under control.

Latte With Me said...

Amen and Amen!

Heather of S-A-M said...

Blessings Sister in Christ.That was a really great post! I needed it!

~Heather of S-A-M

Dori said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and welcoming me to Memory Monday! Tomorrow I am going to try to post a video of my scripture memory index cards. I organized them today complete with Beth Moore's tips on scripture memory in the front.

Visit me again anytime!!

Blessings to you!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I SO enjoyed reading this post, from the verse to all the extra *things* you said about it.

*Thing* on the *thingee* would be a toss-up between me and my husband as to who is the worst about saying this. I probably use thingee, he says thing.

Have a fantastic week!

Tammy said...

Just wanted to stop by your blog and say "thank you" for coming by on Memory Mondays and leaving comments. It is so encouraging to me and I do appreciate it! Just wanted you to know that:)

And I loved your word study on *things.* Things is a word I use quite often, to describe just about anything:)

Hope you had a great Monday!

Luanne said...

Lora--thanks for breaking apart your verse for me--I can now look at it with a renewed insight!! Blessings!

lisasmith said...

God just knew I needed to insert some "things" into that blank tonight. You have blessed me beyond words, Lora. Thanks, friend.