Mar 9, 2009

Memory Monday & Speaking on Sunday

The early morning moon was gorgeous today! Did you all see it? It was big and bright and just ready to go to sleep behind the mountains as I peered out to a dark sky this early morning. Our God is amazing!

This week I tucked Philippians 1:21 in my heart:

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

I just love to reading the apostle Paul. The Salesman asked me where I wanted to be buried this week. What?!? I'd never thought of it before... Had he seen my memory verse for this week? Oh, I'm getting sidetracked and am so excited to share with you all about the devotion the Lord allowed me to share last night, that I'm not going to go down a rabbit trail. I pray that I would live like I believe Philippians 1:21. To live is Christ and to die is gain. God has so much more in store that Paul considers it a gain!

Next week I plan to tuck I John 1:9 in my heart:

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

This verse is such good news to me. I home school two teens. My dear husband works out of our home. My most used phrase seems to be "I'm so sorry. Please forgive me?" The opportunity to confess and be forgiven and cleansed is good news to me. I need this verse!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers yesterday afternoon for the impromptu devotion I was asked to share last night. I'm so in the habit of coming home from worship and getting my pajamas on, that I did yesterday. The peace came from the Lord because I'd just been asked after church to share a devotional that evening at 6:30 PM. After lunch dishes were left to dry, I peeked into Victoria Leigh's room to ask her if I could borrow her blue marker to re-do one of my sign boards for the devotional. She said yes and asked me to snuggle. I thought I needed to be reviewing the devotion; but how could I resist my baby tucked under an afghan? As I joined her, I asked the Lord to give me back the time I needed to review, because I thought it was important to do what my own darlin' teen asked me to do. She was so near sleep and the sweet melodies Audra was playing on the piano made for the perfect setting for a restful Sunday. I was also praying I would not fall asleep... After Victoria Leigh was snoozing soundly, the blue marker and I quietly eased out of her room.

Our dear oldest teen, Miss Audra, had a scratchy throat and did not think it would be best to go with me to play the piano. I was disappointed. As I was reviewing my notes, I had written down the four songs she had practiced Sunday afternoon. I might have been counting my eggs before they hatched (even though she told me when I asked her to join me to play the piano, that she was not sure about going and would let me know by a certain time). The Salesman was not feeling well and was soaking his aches when I left. Victoria Leigh woke up from her Sunday afternoon snooze just before I left. And guess what my topic was about? What was I feeling? Alone... And the topic was the Always God. But I headed out the door alone. But God was so gracious in granting His favor - thank you all for joining in asking.

Right before I left, I received a call from the man who I would be filling in for and found out that I would need to talk loud because most of the people couldn't hear! I was speaking at an assisted living home - oh my, were they precious, just precious! And they knew the Word. They delighted my heart from the very beginning! And a lady was visiting from Music City USA and played the piano while we sang - God is good. The song leader was full of pep and energy. They shared prayer requests and listened attentively as I shared what the Lord had given me back in September about my alone feelings (lies of the enemy) verses the ALWAYS God (Truth of the Word). He is soo good!Their sweet spirits and kind words of encouragement just blessed my soul. This was my first time sharing at an assisted living home and I loved it. Fourteen dear ones attended (fifteen if you include me!) I loved them - the stories they shared with me, their kind smiles and loving words, the sparkle of bright eyes against aging skin, the wisdom of their years. I left blessed and with a heart so full of joy and praise and thanksgiving to our God!

Miss Audra Elizabeth is still not feeling well today. In addition to her sore throat, she has head congestion. Please lift her up to our dear Father. I praise the Lord for each of you and pray you share in His goodness today.


Patty said...

I did pray for you yesterday and I am praising God for answering!! I am praying for Audra! East Tennessee at this time of year is so hard on your allergies etc..

Your Sunday sounded delightful and restful. You said you spoke on being Alone and thinking that you gave your devotion at an assisted living home could not have been more perfect because most of them are alone. What a great devotional and I know you were an encouragement to them!

Lora said...

Patty, thank you for praying. The Lord was just soo good to me yesterday, it gives me chills as I type. One of the dear ladies told me as I left the room that she was just sitting there thankful that she had her friends around her! Blessed my heart! Your prayers made an impact for His Kingdom! I praise His Name for you!

And thank you for praying for Audra - she is snuggly wrapped beneath covers still blowing her dear little nose.

B His Girl said...

I wasn't here to pray but God knows I would have. It sounds like God gave you everything you needed to say. Of course...Always God. He's good. B

Cindy said...

Hi Lora,

I am so praising Him that all went well. I hope Audra Elizabeth is feeling better. I will be praying for her. I have a sick baby here as well with the same symptoms. (He did perk up long enough to ride his motorcycle for a little while:))

Luanne said...

Hey Lora--It sounds as if you were blessed as much as you blessed others. I love God's economy--the more we serve, the more we're blessed.

Audra Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the prayers. I'm feeling a little better today. =)