Mar 8, 2009

Join Me in Requesting Favor

After church this morning, I was asked to share a devotional tonight at 6:30 PM. Please join me in requesting the Lord's favor in preparing, traveling and speaking for His Name's Sake.

And I have a teen that is considering joining me to assist with the music! She has not made her decision yet; but as I type, I hear How Great Thou Art being practiced.

Thank you kindly for joining me in prayer.


Patty said...


LisaShaw said...

I just prayed for you sweet sister and I KNOW that God has already prepared you and the hearts of those He will speak to through you. I also prayed for the Teen.

I'm excited for all that will take place in Jesus Name and for His sake.

Love you.

Cindy said...

Dear Lora,

Praying for you and the Teen.


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

I'm sure that God spoke through you in a mighty way tonight!



lisasmith said...

praying it went well. what a tremendous blessing you both are...let us know...we're waiting. praising Him with you, lisa

LisaShaw said...

Popped back over today to ask, how did it go? I know it was awesome.

Praise the LORD!

I love you.

Lora said...

Dear ones, thank you for your prayers! Sweet Jesus was there!

Oh, I was so blessed to know that I was covered in prayer. God's peace yesterday was amazing. I am such a planner, organizer, etc. and this was NOT on the calendar! So much of me wanted to say "Thank you kindly for the opportunity to speak, but no thank you." The reasons not to were already formed in my mind when I heard myself say, "I'd be glad to share." Was that me? No, it was the Lord.

Audra Elizabeth was not able to join me because she had a scratchy throat. Please lift her up in prayer. After a good (but tiring) weekend of Disciple Now, she also has head congestion.

May you all relish in His goodness today. Thank you kindly for your prayers. You blessed me! I praise Him for each of you!

Cathy Davis said...

Thank you for coming over! You're too sweet :-).
I haven't taken time to read all you wrote, but I saw your verse was a great one from Paul - to live is Chris and to die is gain! I'm doing the Beth Moore study about Paul's ministry - awesome!