Mar 20, 2009

Inside, Outside and Upsidedown

Our in-house budding Betty Crocker has discovered Bakerella's website. Victoria Leigh whipped up these wonderful creations Bakerella calls a Sandwich CookieI thought they were just the delicious medicine I needed since my allergies have been in full bloom since I'm drawn to Audra's colorful flower garden. The daffodils long stems and yellow trumpets seem to call me outdoors.And nestled beyond the daffodils, are the prettiest hyacinths.Inside the delectable sweets:And outside, the whole earth is singing creation's song!But I thought I'd found a way to have my cake and eat it too...

Picture taken from looking down at the lovely little vase and blooms.

I picked these grape beauties very close to the ground and yet their total height was less than three inches. When the teens were just little ladies, my dear friend, Sarah, gave them the most adorable stickpin vases! Victoria Leigh shared hers with me and it was perfect for these tiny and delicate clustered blooms.

I couldn't resist pinning them to my lapel. They were beautiful in the teenie tiny vase! But then it occured to me that I was pinning on the very thing that literally is sending my allergies off the radar screen! So I'm sticking close to the sandwich cookies. And feeling much better.


Cindy said...

I want to come visit you! The flowers are beautiful and the cookies, oh the cookies!

B His Girl said...

I have a stick pin vase. That is the perfect flower for one. The cookies look fabulous. Sorry your allergies are running rampant as things start blooming. Stick close to the yummy stuff and Claritin.

Kraxpelax said...

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Luanne said...

Those sandwich cookie things look awesome. I am leaving you now to go check out the website! Haven't talked to you in awhile!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word...those cookies look like Oreo Cakes!! May have to whip some of those up tonight!