Feb 18, 2009


"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!" Psalm 133:1

Unity has been on my heart and mind for the last eight months. I desire unity in my heart, my home, my family and my church.

Recently I called to inquire about an activity available for the teens. After hearing many of the details and asking questions, I was told that it was multi-cultural and then there was a polite pause by the other party on the line... All I could think was that it would just prepare us to stand before the throne of Christ. (Revelation 5) It so did not matter to me or to the teens. I 've heard Dr. Tony Evans talk about how the red blood of Jesus Christ unites regardless of skin color. How true. All to often, I find I lump myself and "others" into categories and tend to be most comfortable with "others" that are like me. As I think about our own place of worship, what a vast assortment of "others" (or as Psalm 133:1 says "brothers"), we have:

Young and old
Singers and noisemakers
Rich and poor
Weak and strong
Bold and shy
Those laughing and those mourning
In need and in want
Struggling and standing
Givers and takers
Formidable and fashionable
Teachers and pupils

So much of who I choose to be around is my personal preference and nowhere in Scripture, for that, do I find a reference. I believe the Word calls me, as part of the body of Christ, to be unified in the following areas:

Unified in purpose for our Lord
Unified in passion for His Word
Unified in praising His Holy Name
Unified in praying His will be done
Unified in pledging our lives to Him
Unified in perishing to self and sin
Unified in persevering the attacks of the enemy
Unified in practicing godliness daily
Unified in preparing hearts to meet Him
Unified in provisions He gives
Unified in promoting His Kingdom

Dear LORD, I long to be with you, on Your side
Despite personal preferences, help me to be unified
One body of believers united in Spirit is God's plan
Am I willing to give up any thing that is selfish or of man?
In each and every life You long to be lifted up and glorified
Am I willing to let You reign and my wants be crucified?
As I am unified in Him
Victory we are going to win
Let me not be content to complain on the bench
My grumbling to God must be a stench
It does not matter the age, education, size, sex, social status or race
We all can be covered by God's abundant and amazing grace
Lord, let us be concerned about the red blood of Christ
And no longer be held any thing that has kept us in disunity's vice
Today Lord we pledge to let go of dividing sin and pride
Before You Lord, we want our hearts unified
Your will is what we long to do
Help us to be united and faithful and true
One day every tribe, tongue, people and nation will be before Your throne
We can practice unity now on Earth, our temporary home
Let Your Spirit lead and guide
Father, we long to be unified


B His Girl said...

There is power in unity. Christ is the link that binds us together. I love to worship with other believers who are 'different' from me. I hope to post on that sometime. It is stirring in my heart. Package going out this afternoon ;)

Cindy said...

You are right, when we get to Heaven we are going to worship with people of every nation, tribe, color and tongue.

May we all strive for unity in our relationships, churches lives.

LisaShaw said...

Sweet Sister,

Came by to say thank you for your prayers and words of warmth left on my fitness blog. I'm not 100% yet but GOD is in control and I suspect I'll be on my feet completely soon.

Your message is beautiful. If I had a strong voice right now I'd shout in agreement but instead I gave a nod and a soft AMEN!

Love you.

lisasmith said...

My heart cries out with you, yes Lord, make us one in you!!!