Feb 6, 2009

Snow in Mountains

When the Salesman commented that I should get a picture of the view out of my kitchen window, I knew it had to be good. Sometimes I wonder if my family thinks I take too many pictures, so the Salesman's sweet request, blessed my heart. And was the view ever picture worthy and just singing "The whole earth is full of His glory!" I was ready to wash dishes all day long!Schools in our area have been closed all week. Growing up in the mid-west, we did not have a snow day unless there was a foot of snow. We continued on with school here at home because our hallways and schoolrooms were in the snow free zone! Our youngest teen snapped some great pictures of the beauty from the storehouses of snow while we were on our way to the Convenience Center. I love how the snow brightened the background for the bare trees. Normally when I look at the mountains, I see the trees, not the broad expanse of rolling and rising ground that roots the many wooden soldiers. The snow gave me a different view.
And as I gazed at areas previously hidden to my eye, I could not help but think of the Truth of God's Word that says "But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known." Luke 12:2
I think this one is my favorite - the sky, the clouds, the shadows, the snow covered mountains, the green grass speckled with snow, the trees huddled together as if trying to keep warm.
This one is beautiful too. Maybe I shouldn't have said the last one was my favorite. I believe I have many favorites.
The same evening the Salesman called on his way home from an appointment and asked if I'd be interested in an outing to our favorite nearby waterfall. The waterfall area is one of our favorite places to visit and one of my first posts will show you what it looks like in summertime. And since it is a remote spot and lit only by the Lord's Light in the night sky, I have pictures of my dear family from the outing. Here's our darlin' youngest teen sporting her cute toboggan and a brace-less smile!Audra Elizabeth all hooked up to her Ipod and carrying my walking stick since I *had* to take pictures.
I loved how my toboggan-sporting youngest teens flash light beam hit right on the step in front of her. It was dark out there. While the water from the falls was rushing and rambling over the mighty rocks and down the full and swelling banks of the creek bed, we quietly walked. The trees and mountains provided a haven from the hub-ub of everyday life to be surrounded by the wonders and darkness of a wintry night. This picture makes me think of the title of this blog - By the Lamp Light - isn't this how our Lord asks me to walk? I want to see the brightness of His glory as I walk on this pilgrim pathway. He says, His "word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path." Ps. 119:105
Keep me focused LORD only on Your light and content and faithful with The Light You are illuminating on my steps and path. Give me perseverance when the path seems dark and the Light falls only on the next step.
I mean for Friday around here to be fun. The Lord seems to bring His application though to my everyday life and what starts out as a post about the beautiful snow here, today He draws back to His Word. I do love seeing Him in the every day, and truthfully want it no other way!


B His Girl said...

How beautiful! I need to see if you share in your profile the state you live in. Spring is on its way to my part of FL. It is going to be 68 today and sunny. I need to share some photos of my waterfall here. Lora, I love to take photos too!

JulMarSol said...

Lora, I loved this post. Although, I'm not sure how I would handle the cold. It gets 30 degrees here in TX and my bones are chilled through and I cannot warm up all day! :p

What a blessing to have family time.
I need to get a new camera soon. I miss taking pictures.

Happy Satruday!

Keri said...

Gorgeous!!! This Texas girl would sure love some snow and mountains out my kitchen window!! Absolutely love it!

LisaShaw said...

I enjoyed flowing through this message and your photos. I have to say that I'm not a snow girl other than to look at it. Looks like you had great family time! Beautiful!

Love you.