Jan 31, 2009

A Slice of Auntie Heaven

I've been in Auntie heaven the last three days. My precious four year old niece has been visiting. We met the Salesman's brother and his wife as they were on their way to a retreat, And gladly buckled our dear deposit in her car seat. Audra took on the role of Most Adored Librarian, As compassionate niece and teen enjoyed the stories read on the way home. Oh, I loved having three ladies in the back seat. Once we were home, it was outside to play and Chase Lilly Belle,
And play in the bird bath (according to my niece, she was making bird soup!)
Indoor fun with Lilly Belle and her toys,
And playing with dolls,
Baking cookies with the teens,
To be promptly eaten at a tea party.
Another day brought fresh aprons and more baking.
Decorating with Valentines.
Helping her dear cousin do sit ups.
I loved my nieces dancing feet and the impish grin on her partially cut off face.
My favorite picture of my dear niece.
Another favorite.
The Pretty, Pretty Princess game was brought out of the game closet.
Cookies decorated for another tea party.
"Aunt Lora, my bag has some icing on the outside."
Tea parties were very much enjoyed.

Pouring tea all by herself.
We were blessed with several impromptu piano performances.
A glimpse of a dear four year old looking at herself in the mirror.
Patiently waiting for her cousins to finish swim team practice.
After three wonderful days, it was time to say, "So long" for now with a cousins hug!
And a special thanksgiving to Audra Elizabeth for posting the What We Learn devotional this week. You bless my heart in so many ways. I love to hear what the Lord is teaching you.

And a big shout out of thanksgiving to Holly at Crown Laid Down who helped me (a true techno dinosaur) by making the dates appear on my posts! Holly also combined the picture and the blog name in the header, which was Impossible (yes, with a capital I) for this techno dinosaur. Holly is getting ready to start a blog design business and I am glad to spread the word about the excellent service. I highly recommend Holly. I have met Holly in person and she is a delightful and talented Siesta.

Also, totally unrelated, but a request for prayer. The Lord gave me a topic and points to share a few months back when I was invited to share with a small group at church. And praise His Name, He showed off in a big way! Please pray the Lord again grants His favor as I've been asked to share the same *talk* with another small group in the morning at church. Thank you kindly dear ones. My heart is truly full of thanksgiving.


B His Girl said...

Your niece is very cute. She had you guys wrapped around her finger. What a fun three days she probably had with all of the attention. I pray your talk will go well. b

Wife of Rob said...

How funny....I am in that same "heaven" right now with my two nephews (6 & 4) and niece (2)! Except, instead of "Auntie", they call me "Sissy"! I LOVE IT! Your pictures are precious...I will be posting some tomorrow. Have fun!


LisaShaw said...

There is NOTHING IN THE WORLD like family time (smile).

Bless you my sister.

lisasmith said...

what a doll!! she is so blessed to have such a great auntie!!