Jan 16, 2009

Reading the Manual

I must admit, reading manuals does not rank in the top ten of my most enjoyable activities. Personally, I like to put my hands on and get the manual out if I *need* to. But when you have children, you change your ways and try to teach them the value of reading the manual first. This week I saw both teens reading manuals, with slightly different; but definitely delightful outcomes. They never fail to be a source of joy and laughter!

The first came when our oldest teen received a box brought to the door. To say she was a bit delighted was an understatement! My darlin' teen has had this item on her Larry Burkett inspired, long term savings list, for over a year.I loved watching her smile as she patiently read every word. I could probably have given her a pop quiz and she would've sailed right through. But one of the joys of home schooling is that when something exciting, that you've been saving for over a year comes, you can pause and return to school work a bit later.And thirty minutes later (I know it was thirty minutes - because the manual said that amount of time was needed to allow the CD player to warm up before turning it on) we were treated to some beautiful music.
After reading a portion of the car manual on the way to my grandmother's, my youngest teen made an amazing discovery. I love her curious mind. I had asked her to read one section for me (and she did) and then she continued reading about a different area. My question was: When the gas light comes on to indicate we need fuel, what is the amount of fuel in the tank when the light comes on?A few moments later, "Ummm, Mama, do you have a screwdriver?" "Pardon me dear; but mama does not keep a screwdriver handy when I'm driving." I was able to offer a pen cap (shown clenched between her teeth).If we ever *need* to open the sunroof manually, we now know how!And a screwdriver (she is quite certain) would work much better than a pen cap! I love our teens!


LisaShaw said...

Wonderful! I feel like part of your family reading this! Thanks for sharing.

Enjoy your wonderful children as I know you do!

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Lora, this post is awesome. I'm like your kids. I read everything to know... right down to God's Holy Word being our Christian life's manual. People ask me all the time how I know these things. I tell them, it's in the manual!

Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us on blogdom.


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Me, too...I mean about reading the instructions...now hubby is the total opposite...trys to do it first and then if it does not work, goes and gets the instructions!! But only then! (In the meantime, I'm reading them and just waiting to tell him what he's done wrong!) :-)

Cindy said...

I must confess, I usually don't read the manual until all else fails!

Love reading about your beautiful teens.

Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Hello there Lora

First, let me say thank you for your visit and I am honored by your sweet words. I ended spending more than expected on your blog - because well there's plenty to see and beautiful posts to read. I can't believe you've met Travis Cotrell (I had him on my iTouch on my way to work this morning), big and boo mamas, and Dr. Blackaby among others. I did read his book "Experiencing God" - haven't done any of his studies - now you make me want to check them out.

I love Jesus and God's Word. I love the scripture thing on Monday. I am doing the LPM scripture memorization with Beth Moore (you must know who she is).

I've got to stop and go to sleep.
I will stop by again.
Great night.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Lora, I enjoy learning but yes, I hate reading manuals, too. :)
Teens now are more curious and bold in researching and learning. That's a good thing. :)

B His Girl said...


I do not usually read manuals but it is a reminder of the information at my fingertips I ignore. Last night I dreamed about reading Romans. How odd is that! I started reading the Word Manual today in Romans. I pray I understand more. I am facing some issues on a few subjects and God is telling me where to find the answer to my questions. Can't wait to hear His reply. Your daughter is darling : )