Jan 23, 2009

The Passenger Seat is a Good Thing

Oh I'm enjoying the many blessings of a teen driver! One of the blessings is being able to sit in the passenger seat and snap pictures. Pictures of a darlin', smiling teen driver.
Or on a long stretch of road, I turn to see what masterpiece God has painted in the sky. Lovely shades of yellow at 5:29 PM

5:30 PM

5:33 PM Being in the passenger seat is not always easy. The Lord has revealed recently that giving up control to Him is what He wants from my heart. But, I'm seeing (even through driver's ed) that sitting in the passenger seat (something new) is a good thing indeed.


Nancy said...

I am remembering the trip when you all were following our car to a restaurant for lunch, and your brother took the *scenic* route! When, after driving several miles in circles trying to find our way, we finally reached the restaurant -all I remember is your sweet smile and eagerness to express your enthusiastic appreciation for all the architecture we had passed as we drove around the city. Your ability to admire the scenery when we were lost ministered to my rankled spirit that day, as it has many times since.

To think of the beautiful spiritual sights I'll miss whenever I insist on being behind the steering wheel, or worry that the Driver is taking too long to reach our destination.

B His Girl said...

Girl, you are supposed to be watching the road!LOL I have two teen drivers. I don't see any sights when I am riding with them. The Lord told me "You can't control me Barbara" several years ago. I am trying to let go of things. That makes Him smile. Trusting.

Lora said...

Nancy, isn't God just good? I remember the pleasant excursion!Your last paragraph sums up my heart.

B - two teen drivers - oh, the double blessing! We have two teens; but only one front seat driver! I'd love for you to visit this rural area - it is so beautiful - the whole earth is so full of His glory!

Peggy said...

Blessings Lora...Beautiful photos & great perspective on looking at things from the passenger seat!!!


Surrender...each day a little more.

Teenage drivers or new driver makes me very nervous! I think you're a saint! Anyways...the view is full of God's goodness & GLORY! All power to 'ya!

Your daughter looks quite confident and at ease!

Just look at the spiritual insights & implications! I'm going to start
enjoying being a passenger and allowing God to take control at the wheel. I just made a 1,500 mile trip as the solo driver in 3 days with God as my co-pilot. Who would have thought, He could have driven the whole way while I enjoyed the sights...gonna have to revise my
travel plan journeys and stop trying to be the one in control.

Thank you for opening my eyes!
Sending you a special thanks ecard!

Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Beautiful pictures Laura. A few hours ago, I was driving with my 9 year old and he was counting the number of years he has left before he can have junior license. And he asked if I like to drive and I quickly responded no. He said that driving is fun and how he wanted me to leave him my current car. lol.

I don't really like to drive but I'd rather be in the driver seat than the passenger seat because I tend to be very nervous when other people drive and continually telling them how-to do things. One time, we drove from Atlanta to NY (14 hr drive) and I couldn't rest for one moment because I wasn't behind the wheel. May be if I let go of this obsessiveness, I can enjoy the beauty of God's creation too. Interesting stuff Laura.

Oh and I do have the book by B. Moore (Praying God's Word) - love it.

God bless.