Jan 14, 2009

Monkeys and Skunks

My mind and the keyboard have not come to agreement with the notes from hearing Henry Blackaby yet. The impact of what I heard the Lord speaking to me from the talks has been so very real and personal. When the Lord allows, I'll share. Until that time, I'll share some thoughts the Lord gave me on the day after trick-or-treaters arrived at our doorstop:

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” John 13:34

We had the most darlin’ trick-or-treaters this year. It started with sweet little Tigger who could not get his bag to open, and cried “I cannnn’t get my baaaag to open,” as he tried to open the straps. I got me on my knees right away to help the sweet little man. And was I ever glad I was there when the monkey and the skunk arrived. Cuteness wrapped up in a brother and sister. The little boy was the monkey and had the cutest felt banana in his hip pocket. Little sister was cute as a button and had a red heart on her hip that said “’Lil stinker” - too cute. When they left, I told my girls that I wanted to give them all the candy - you know, pour the sweets into their bright orange pumpkins, and turn off the light, and close the door. They were that cute and kind – if they said thank you once, they said it five times.

But, I didn’t give them all the candy, because I’m convinced the Lord had some work to do in my heart. And it was revealed when the next crew came to the door. A skeleton, an Indian, and the cutest little sheriff arrived. The sheriff was a toddler in jeans, cowboy boots, sporting a long brown jacket with the shiny “Sheriff” pin. And to date, he is the only sheriff I’ve seen sporting a hair do like Calvin from the Calvin and Hobbes comic – I could have just pinched his darlin’ face and begged his parents to let me keep him here to rustle up the bad guys. He was cute. Oh, I was lovin’ this trick-or-treat thing. The children were cute and I was having fun. O thank You, Jesus! That was, until the sheriff’s daddy bent down to help the little pardner open his bag and blew his Malboro in my face as he, too, had trouble opening his son’s bag. Puff, puff, exhale…In my mind I’m thinking, “Smoke in my eyes, smoke on my apron, my hair’s gonna smell like smoke! Why didn’t I give all the candy to the monkey and the skunk?” I was suddenly not feeling generous. Then that Still Small Voice, “It’s easy to love the lovely.” Yes, it is easy to give all my candy to the darlin’ monkey, and in literally one puff, my thoughts were stinkin’ like the skunk. But here on the doorstep of life was a puff of the hard to love. Were my thoughts reflective of Jesus? What would Jesus have done if cute little characters with smokin’ people in the party showed up on his doorstep and held out a bag or pumpkin, would He have said, “Pardon me, mister, you’re gonna have to take this group elsewhere,” or would he have said to the cute and the smelly, “Here, I give you freely from my supply.” I tend to think that He would have not played favorites with who looked and smelled good. I think He would have seen the heart behind and through the smoke.

Lord, it only took one cigarette puff
For my love to leave in a huff
I want to love like you
Without favoritism too
Help me to see others through the smoke
Let Your love in me not be choked. Amen.


~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Amen Lora. We tend to play favorites in life, don't we?

I love how the Lord used trick or treaters to reach your heart.


Cindy said...

I so want to be like Jesus and show His love for everyone, even those that don't conform to my ideals.

Great post.

B His Girl said...

What a blessing it is to hear the whispers! Those kind of moments stick. To give generously and reflect the heart of God. Next year you will being buying out the candy aisle in Walmart!

Luanne said...

This is my prayer these last few days, too, and oh, I fall so short--and that love is so fleeting.

Here's my email--mldeboth@tds.net. Thanks so much for rounding up the scripture cards--let me know how much I owe you!

marina said...

thanks for stopping by love your picture of boomama & bigmama it was so much fun these summer at Beth Moore and I am glad I went to meet beautiful women of God just like you ,lets stay in touch. marina
Happy New Year!