Jan 4, 2009

Christmas Highlights

Before we left for a week the Salesman's family, we had Christmas together at home. Here's a glimpse of our Lilly Belle listening as the Salesman read the Christmas story.
Then we were off to celebrate and visit with family and friends. We were blessed to enjoy time together and celebrate the birth of our Lord with those that are dear to our hearts. I've got pictures to share, so I'll try to keep my comments brief. Here's our oldest teen and Little Lady cousin dancing.
The youngest teen baking with a darlin', fists full of chocolate chips cousin.
Discussing Gilbert & Sullivan plays with a dear and delightful former neighbor.
We were blessed with wonderful neighbors.
Delightful little boys gathering around a teen with a book.
God's handiwork evident as we walked along a quiet country road.
Thinking I want to bear much fruit this next year to my Father's glory.
Frozen and intricate beauty.
One of my delightful nephews and dear Lilly Belle making sure I'm still behind them! This walk was one of the highlights of the trip. My delightful nephew just laughed and ran with Lilly Belle. It was fun just to hear and see him enjoying himself.
The whole earth is full of His glory.
I'm so drawn to old homes. Even ones like this that have been abandoned.
A neat and tidy woodstack partially bathed in sunlight.
Teen author wearing her gift from her grandmother, the Salesman's mother.
The Lite Brite Cube was a hit with all ages.
A sweet visit with my dear friend and kindred spirit.
My book loving nephew opened a book he received as a present and then immediately asked for the book to be read to him! His mother, and one of my dear sister-in-laws, immediately started reading to him.
My youngest teen enjoying a Scanimation book with the nephews.
More walks with more of the family.
We enjoyed all sorts of good food while we were visiting family.

One of my dear, dear sister-in-laws.
I enjoyed watching our oldest teen enjoy her cousins race track!Then, it was time to head home. Sometimes our shortcuts allow us to see the most beautiful scenery.
When the Salesman makes a stop, we enjoy the small, quaint towns.
And I'm thankful that the Do-Nut House is closed (no matter how delightful a house of do-nuts sounds), because I've had my fill of sweets this season!
A beautiful old clock!God's beautiful masterpiece graces the evening sky as we head home.

A lovely end to a lovely trip. We had a wonderful holiday season. I pray yours was full of blessings too!


Nesha said...

Looks and sounds like a grand time with the family! Older, little, quaint towns can be the best, I agree. May 2009 be a Jesus filled year for you and your family.

fuzzytop said...

Hi Lora,

Glad you are back!


Cindy said...

Glad you had a breat Christmas. I love looking at your pictures.

Cindy said...

I meant great Christmas!

Lora said...

Greetings Nesha! Knowing your dear family was coming for a visit made it easier to come home. Your new picture is precious!

Adrienne, it was good to take a break; but it's good to be back, thank you!

Cindy, I need a spell checker on the comments section myself!