Dec 12, 2009


My heart is on overflow to the LORD who showed up in a BIG way yesterday for Audra Elizabeth's surgery to remove the loose cartilage from her knee. The Dr. had NO explanation for the over a dozen pieces he removed. NO EXPLANATION. He could not find a donor site where the cartilage had come from. He even had his assistant look. He said her knee looked PERFECT - and he showed me 2 pages of colored pictures that proved his point and which also just confirmed the spiritual attack aspect we have been encountering. Leah, your comment from the last post, summed it up!

He also removed a non-cancerous nodule about the size of a sweet pea that he had not seen on the MRI - his words were "If this surgery was done to just remove the nodule, I'd consider it a blessing from the LORD." All I could say was "Praise HIS NAME."


I am still saying it - PRAISE HIS NAME!

I find I'm living in the abundant overflow of HIS mercy, grace and lovingkindness, not only today - but each and every day.

One of the earliest verses I put to memory was Romans 8:28. I could not help but think of His Truth again yesterday. He is soo good. I am so thankful to HIM for you. Thank you for joining us in prayer and praise! HE alone is worthy!

LORD, I'm living in and experiencing Your overflow
Your goodness, grace and mercy, I don't just feel, I know
We are surrounded by Your powerful and healing streams
Even when enemy attacks make us think we are in a bad dream
We are living, moving and breathing in Your overflow
And Precious Father, YOU are all I want to know
In good times or bad
Whether I feel happy or sad
More of YOU, in me, please overflow
More of YOU, I want to know
Thank you LORD for Your abundant overflow. Amen.

Cumberland Falls photo snapped by Audra Elizabeth last weekend.

Dec 9, 2009

Would you join me in prayer? And praise?

I come before you again, asking that we might join hands and hearts in prayer before the throne. This has been a difficult year in the area of physical health for Audra. Our darlin' oldest is scheduled for arthroscopic knee surgery this Friday at 1 P.M to have loose cartilage removed that has been causing pain and swelling in her right knee.

I remember when I read Beth Moore's post and could relate to feeling the heat of the spiritual battle around us and feeling like the enemy was targeting Audra's health.

The LORD has also been bringing thanksgiving to the forefront of my mind. Even in what seems a difficult encounter, He is asking me to praise Him. Would you join me in praising Him as well?
  • Praise that the MRI showed no damage to any major tendons or ligaments
  • Thanksgiving that x-rays showed no broken bones
  • Delight in a surgeon that is skilled in his specialty
  • Relief that insurance covers 100% after our deductible
  • Praise for His Word and His Spirit providing peace amidst the storm
  • Rejoicing we have a hospital nearby
  • Gratitude for the patient ladies at pre-registration
  • A pre-op nurse that has gone before us and answered all my questions
  • GOD is in control, no matter what HE has allowed
Many of my requests are the same from when Audra had dental surgery in October. Would you join me in praying for:
  • A well rested and focused doctor, anesthesiologist, nurse and assistants
  • A successful surgery
  • Peace - tonight, tomorrow, Friday, everyday
  • Knowing that the LORD is in control and acting like I believe HIM
  • Strength - Audra desires to be awake during the surgery
  • Safety while on the road
  • Power - Holy Spirit power and no interruption of electrical power during the surgery
  • A speedy and full recovery
  • That we would bring glory to HIS Name
  • That we would have hearts of thanksgiving to Him
  • Any other way the LORD might direct you to pray in this regard
Thank you kindly for joining us in prayer. "Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ." Ephesians 1:2

Smiling Audra Elizabeth in her room

Nov 25, 2009

T, It all starts with T

Teens attending an evening of worship with me
Tri-colored lights on the sanctuary ceiling
Towers of light gracing the stage
Time to visit before the concert starts
Those thirsting for worship - Worship in Spirit and truth
Treasure of *new* friends
Throne room worship
To raise our hands in the sanctuary
Talent, flat-out talent
True thanksgiving:
And all the angels were standing around the throne and around the elders and the four living creatures; and they fell on their faces before the throne and worshiped God, saying, "Amen, blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might, be to our God forever and ever. Amen."
Revelation 7:11 & 12

Nov 10, 2009


It seems like just last week we were celebrating Victoria Leigh's fourteenth birthday.
The birthday menu pleased her papa, the Salesman, and there were generous vegetable servings for Audra, our resident vegetarian:
Bacon-Wrapped Fillet Mignon
Sauteed Mushrooms
Grandma Geraldine's Green Bean Casserole
Peppers and Onions
Garlic Toast
I'm affectionately referring to this celebration as the cheesecake festival. It had been quite some time since I made a cheesecake. The last time I made one, the Salesman had requested cherries on the top. Miss Fifteen wanted chocolate to grace her cake. I melted chocolate and piped random designs on wax paper to top of the whipped cream and berries. Victoria, appropriately had a *V* on her slice. Victorious Victoria!
Audra's looked like a butterfly and the Salesman's looked like a spider web.
Mine looked like a bird.
I did not plan this at all. It was delicious and delightful. And speaking of delicious and delightful, Victoria Leigh, you are sweeter than cheesecake! I love you! Dearly! Happy Fifteenth Birthday Darlin'!
Today, Victoria Leigh, you stand on the sweet threshold of another year
You darlin' Baby, are a precious gift from God, and to my heart, so very dear.
15, Fabulous 15

Your spirit is strong, you are not faint of heart, God placed strength in You, from the start
You delight me with Our Father's creativity in songs, music, painting and various arts.
15, Favored 15

Childish ways behind you and walking a narrow path with the Father at your side
A lovely young woman you are, and faithfully, in Him, I pray you always abide.
15, Faithfully 15

Your carefree ways, your relaxed demeanor, your smile, your lingering hugs,
Blesses my heart and darlin', He graced you with the cutest button-nose mug.
15, Fun 15

With joyful anticipation you carefully crafted your birthday plans
Your determination, creative mind- gifts from the One who holds your life securely in His hand.
15, Finally 15

Go forward 15, darlin' 15, within you is hope, His Spirit, a fire, a lamp light,
May 15 be a year lived in His glorious power and by His glorious might.
15, Fruitful 15

Great things are ahead of you, Baby, as you step through the door
God's plans, His way, His lamp fanned into a flame within you and so much more.
15, Victoria Leigh, 15

Nov 7, 2009

Extra Credit

Audra is currently studying Shakespeare at a nearby college as part of a dual enrollment program (high school juniors and seniors get high school and college credit at the same time.) The professor assigned roles for the reading of A Midsummer Night's Dream and offered extra credit to students who would also dress in Athenian attire while they read. Audra wanted to participate. Thanks to a creative friend who gave me a picture to go by, we used what we had at home to make a quick and easy costume.
When folding laundry this week, I had moved a worn pillow case to beside the sewing machine to see if I could mend it's tear. Victoria Leigh has had this embroidered case since she was five years old. I usually don't keep track of when I purchase linens, but this was a sweet set that had a special memory attached. Victoria used this king size pillow case to cover her mat for nap time in kindergarten. Where have the years gone? Victoria is going to be fifteen next week! Oh, the sweet memories.With just a quick seam for a casing, I inserted the elastic and stitched a machine hem for Audra's skirt. I basted gold Christmas ribbon around the hem of one of my shirts, and folded and stitched another length of ribbon to make the corset shaped waist design. We added a gold ribbon band to her hair, a scarf from Victoria's closet and Audra's gladiator sandals. I snapped a picture as she headed down the college hall to class looking as lovely as a dream.
Simple, quick and extra credit!

Nov 4, 2009

Halloween in the garden

Not everyone in the garden dressed for the occasion. But one variety participated in the holiday.
Just a few months back, these coneflowers were in beautiful bloom.
And today, they eerily resemble,
a hat perch for one who rides a broom!

October 31st in the garden

Oct 30, 2009

A lesson learned in the garden

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year.
There is so much I enjoy during this season - the asters in the garden,
The colorful leaves fluttering from the branches till they find a spot to land,
The hydrangea leaves changing color as they put on their rusty coat,
The pansies unfolding and brightening planters,
I enjoy everything common to this time of year.
But I was most blessed today by an uncommon blessing - a single bud becoming a bloom, an October rose! I just did not expect this bud! We had already trimmed most of the rose bush back and had mulched the plants for fall. And we have had frost several times this season. God has a way of using common every day life to speak truth to my heart. God has been doing some new things in Audra's life. And this rose was the LORD's way of reminding me that He could do what He wants, when He wants.
Audra had planned to study to be an obstetrician. She set up a visit to Vanderbilt last April and had her dear little heart and mind set on medical school. No matter where else we looked or visited, Vanderbilt was always her first choice. And although her daddy, the Salesman, thought it was too far away, he agreed that studying medicine was a logical choice. And then very recently, the LORD has changed Audra's direction from medicine to music. A big change; but more importantly - a GOD change. A change that HE whispered and has confirmed to Audra's heart. And the word she keeps hearing is *faith*.

The word the LORD has been speaking to me for some time is *faith*. So today while I'm out enjoying the splendor of our LORD's creation, GOD knows that my heart has a lot of questions. I love music. I enjoy music. I can not sing a note though; I am not inclined in this area at all. I am a joyful noisemaker. I fondly remember my dear sister-in-love, Gretchen, asking me as she played our piano, if I could not tell it was out of tune. No, I couldn't. The musical gene skipped me. Completely. And what once seemed settled is now a new process. A new road. A dream is awakening in Audra's heart. And without a doubt, the LORD is giving her wings. We are seeking the LORD's direction. What next, LORD? Where do you want us to start? We want to follow Him and His lead, even when we *think* we have it all figured out. The Salesman has questions, too. There is so much we just don't know. But we know The ONE who does know. GOD is asking us, bidding us to take this walk of faith. Even when the asters and pansies are in bloom, the LORD can cause a rose to bloom. One of my heart's desires for both of the teens is that they would know and do God's will.
So I come back inside, just marveling that this rose is blooming amidst the obvious change in seasons and the frost. I kept saying, "LORD, YOU can do whatever you want." I went back to my desk and searched my concordance for a verse that said, "GOD can do whatever HE wants." I just wanted to read those words in THE WORD. So, I asked, LORD may I find words in YOUR WORD that speak to my heart about this change going on and the rose blooming at the end of October? Help me LORD. I opened my Bible to Psalms. Chapters 145, 146 and 147 were facing me and I started reading. Psalm 147:15-18 seemed to speak directly to my heart:

"He sends for HIS command to the earth;
His word runs very swiftly. (Just when I need confirmation LORD)
He gives snow like wool;
He scatters the frost like ashes.(You protect what YOU intend to bloom)
He casts forth His ice as fragments;
Who can stand before His cold?(Only what YOU desire LORD)
HE sends forth His word and melts them;
He causes His wind to blow and the water to flow."(We are waiting for YOUR mighty work)

The LORD gave me just what I needed - my GOD can do whatever HE wants, whenever He wants verse. I also thought of a verse my sister-in-love, Nancy, shared with me regarding God's will for Audra's life:
"The LORD will accomplish what concerns me;" Psalm 138:8a.
HIS WORD is life to me.
LORD, You reign over each earthly season,
YOU know our pilgrim pathway, when it changes and we don't see the reason.
I declare, "We are going to trust YOU"
To accomplish what before time began, YOU intended to.
Let our hearts be filled with vibrant faith and belief,
YOUR will foremost, and let us settle for no thing beneath.
Thank YOU LORD that for each life YOU have a destiny or dream-
We intend to follow YOU verses what is easily seen.

May Audra Elizabeth know and do
The work for her life that YOU'VE intended her to.
Let us not worry if the way or study is unconventional,
Let each faith step in YOU be very intentional.
We throw out any thing in us that is man's logic and man's reason,
Do a mighty work LORD in Audra's life, in YOUR time and season.

To be planted in YOUR will and garden is our heartfelt desire and care.
Cause YOUR beautiful music in Audra to bloom,
As medicine is swept out with the GOD broom.

LORD, we ask for YOUR direction,
Give us YOUR wisdom and YOUR holy, godly introspection.
Let us boldly move forward with steps of faith,
Grounded and secure in YOUR way, let us not falter or quake.
In the mighty, splendid NAME that is above all names, Amen.

Oct 24, 2009

Above the Lamp Light

The oil painting of the yellow tulip I was given by Victoria Leigh and mentioned here has a home! I found the frame at Hobby Lobby for 50% off and I really like the look with the oil. I had thought about hanging this bright beauty near my desk. The young artist suggested we hang it above my desk.
I love it here! And I would have never thought to hang it above the desk! This is my view as I sit by the lamp light and look up. A lovely view indeed!
In the lower right hand corner you may be able to see the corner of a watercolor Audra painted of my journal that is awaiting framing and a home.

Oct 12, 2009

With all creation I sing

While Audra was recovering from her dental surgery,
the Salesman and Victoria Leigh went on a hike to see a Moonbow.
Victoria snapped several pictures of her daddy during their adventure.
She also captured the beauty of God's creation all around them.
Our family had planned to go together;
but, Victoria Leigh's pictures,
gave me beautiful glimpses of their day together.
I was so thankful that she didn't just take pictures of the moonbow.
And my heart sings in thanksgiving to the Lord:
"Clothed in rainbows, of living color
Flashes of lightning, rolls of thunder
Blessing and honor, strength and
Glory and power be
To You the Only Wise King
Holy, Holy, Holy
Is the Lord God Almighty
Who was, and is, and is to come
With all creation I sing:
Praise to the King of Kings!
You are my everything,
And I will adore You!
Filled with wonder,
Awestruck wonder
At the mention of Your Name
Jesus, Your Name is Power
Breath, and Living Water
Such a marvelous mystery."
Revelation Song
Pictures along the pathway by Victoria Leigh.