Dec 13, 2008

Siesta Ornament Exchange

My Siesta for the ornament exchange at The Siesta Fiesta Blog
was Jules from the great state of Texas. The morning my ornaments arrived from Jules (this information is important at the end of the post) I had just decorated the house with some fresh greenery and had just enough to make a small wreath for the kitchen window. I put a red plaid ribbon and some pine cones on the wreath and hung it up thinking it looked pretty good....and then this box of ornaments arrived...
The first ornament I opened was this lovely feather tree ornament. I have never seen one before; but it is beautiful and so very elegant!Then I opened this sweet pine cone bird who looks so real. Look at her eyes. I kept thinking she was going to chirp - she just looks so real.Then there was a sweet little dove perched on a pine cone with a sprig of greenery and berries, who found a home here among some fresh greenery.And there was also a wooden cardinal atop a pine cone, greenery and berries now who is now resting happily among the greenery.
For now, I'm leaving the feather tree on the dining room table under a fresh arrangement. I just think it looks so pretty on the table.And my youngest teen, who was excited as I was opening the package, suggested a new home for this lovely feathered friend in the wreath I'd just made for the kitchen window! And I think it makes a great new nest for this sweet little birdie.Thank you Jules!


Jules said...

Oh, how much more beautiful the ornaments look in your home. I'm glad they have a beautiful home! I just love your description of all of them!

Lora said...

The ornaments are beautiful Jules! And the sweet bird looks so at home in her wreath nest. I'm so glad my teen thought to put her there. I'm so glad we met dear one.