Dec 29, 2008

Memory Monday & A Siesta Visit

This weeks verse from memory:

Exodus 20:8
"Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy."
Exodus 20:8

I was so thankful when I saw this was my next verse in my card stack to memorize. Thankful because we have been gone from home for a week and the verse was easy to tuck in my heart. It has been a full and fun week with family and friends and celebrating the birth of our Savior. I clipped my memory card to my daily planner and read the card each morning.

We have returned home and are anticipating Nesha and her family visiting from Virgina. Nesha and I roomed together in San Antonio and you can read more about our trip here.

For this next week, I am going to review the first eight verses I've learned and then do them all from memory, Lord willing! I really want to know these verses and their references, so I'm going to make this my goal this week to review:

Psalm 119:11
Isaiah 45:5
Matthew 1:21
Isaiah 53:6
Psalm 119:105
John 3:16
John 8:12
Exodus 20:8

I'll see you all next Monday. Until then, I'm so thankful to the Lord that Nesha and her family are heading this way!


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Well done!

And you and Nesha have so much fun together! Can't wait to hear all about it,


Cathryn said...

Hi Lora, I'm not sure how you found my blog but I am thankful that you did because that allowed me to come to visit you. What a blessing it has been "just" to read your profile. Wow. You are a beautiful writer. And I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I look forward to visiting again. As for the sunset picture at the end of my blog I was able to get that (free) from this site ~ Her name is Abigail and she is delightful. I have several of her posters on my blog and she is sharing those and just serving the Lord. Her site is entitled Snapshots of Joy but that is the web address that I posted above. So enjoy!

Again, it was so nice to meet you. And I shall return to visit. Lord Bless ~ Cathryn P.S. I like how your love for your husband lifts off the pages and I also like how you call him the "salesman."

fuzzytop said...

Awesome! I'm getting up my courage to try scripture memory in 2009 - something I am not good at.


Patty said...

Have fun and tell Nesha hi from me. :)


LisaShaw said...

Greetings Lora,

Thank you for visiting with me. I had to come visit with you and am glad that I did. I love that you are memorizing Scripture. Since my childhood I was taught to do that and one of the first Scriptures was: "I hide thy word within thy heart that I might not sin against thee". Praise the Lord.

I look forward to coming back by. You have a beautiful blog and your heart for JESUS is very apparent. Bless you my friend and it's a blessing to know you already.

B His Girl said...

Hey Lora,

The tea party was WOW! We were joining God there. I know the women were encouraged and we are planning to help them in other ways. We are going to focus on this place. Maybe Bible Study, mentors, help with household items etc. I am praying about what is next there and looking for our next tea party spot. It was such a blessing to speak to those women. Thanks again for your prayers. I wish you could be a part of this. It was one of the most powerful ministry moments for me. Also, scripture memorization. I want to work on learning more this year too. I know some of yours and I am going to look up the rest.

Williams Arena said...

Hi Lora,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm a newbie to blogging and I was so surprised to see I had a comment! You made my day.

I've finished the book I mentioned on my blog and I'm still mulling over it in my head. When I can get my thoughts sorted out, I'll post about the book.

I'm so impressed with your Memory Monday. What a great idea. I plan to check in with you each Monday. I also love your profile. What a powerful witness and a heart for Jesus.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Have a prosperous, blessed and happy new year to you, Lora and to the family. :)