Dec 3, 2008

Gift Returned to the Giver

"Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!" 2 Corinthians 9:15

Amid the blaze of flames on the cake, I was giddy about opening my birthday gifts. If you'd been gathered round the party table, I'm certain you'd have thought I was celebrating my fourth and not forty-something birthday. As soon as I tore the paper back from the gift, I knew what my dear child had given back to me.

It was three years ago for Christmas I gave her a black polka-dotted-cute-as-a-button-marked-down-to-nearly-nothing ribbon belt. She loved it and wore it often. After she began to form a bond with this little fashion gem, it happened - I realized "it" was the perfect accessory for my black capris. I searched high and low for another belt just like "it", tried similar belts; but to no avail, "it" could not be replicated or duplicated. So there were times that I'd ask to wear "it" not knowing she had "it" on underneath that stylish (but untucked) shirt. She would take "it" off and give "it" to me and I'd say, "No dear, you wear 'it'!" And she'd say, "No mama, you wear 'it'"...Yes, I'd given her the belt and then later realized I liked "it" and then needed "it". So, as I pulled the paper off the belt, I was humbled and deeply touched that she'd given her gift back to the giver. I tried to return it to her, knowing how much she liked "it", but to no avail.

Her actions made me think of Jesus. God gave us the gift of Jesus (part of Him), Jesus provided the gift of eternal life (through death and resurrection) and left us with the gift of the Spirit to help and support us (like the belt). Indeed, we have all been given a great gift. And we can all share in the same Jesus. His gift to me, is also available to you! His gift is free to all! My dear child returned a gift she liked to the giver. Am I willing in turn to give the gift of my life back to the One who gave life?

Are we willing to share in the greatest Gift of All?
Oh dear one, do you hear Him call?
He has a gift for you
He is the one who makes all things new
Share in His indescribable, greatest gift
He does not pour Himself out in thrift
He offers the free gift of eternal life
Lay down pride, unforgiveness and strife
His gift is not re-gifted or only for a few
He offers it to each and every one of you
He offers life and to make all things new!


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday. How precious that she gave you her favorite gift. How wonderful that God gave us His favorite gift.

Luanne said...

Happy Birthday, Lora. What an awesome post--and the memory is one you will always cherish. Don't you love it when our kids surprise us like that!

B His Girl said...

Hi and Happy Birthday. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is a sweet story Lora. You don't look old enough to wear your child's belt.:) It's true and that compliment is for your birthday.

Quilting Bea said...

Hi, Lora. Thanks for visiting my blog. It's nice to meet you. Keep up the quilting! I read your "six things..." and had to smile. I, too, love organizing things - and I'm asking Santa for a bicycle. NOT a 21-speed mountain bike that I'd have to lean way over to reach the handles, but the kind Jessica Fletcher had. :)

fuzzytop said...

Beautiful post Lora! And Happy Birthday!


AnooCre8ion said...

Hi Lora, happy birthday and thanks for stopping by. What a beautiful story and a great comparison. God gave us a gift that is so precious to Him, the least we could do is give back our lives in service.