Nov 12, 2008

Take The Next Step

In the Beth Moore Bible study, Stepping Up, a journey through the Psalms of Ascent, we were challenged to conclude the study with a blessing we could speak over others. Since we are with the Salesman on Hilton Head Island this week, I'm going to post a prayer poem the Lord gave me on March, 12, 2008 as I concluded the study. Here is what I heard Him say to my heart and I scribbled it inside my Stepping Up Workbook. I humbly speak it over you today:

Take the Next Step

Be encouraged to be brave in Him and continue on
Sisters, remember the illustration of the fawn
God does not intend the mud to be on your feet
He has set a lovely feasting table and bids you come and eat
Lay down sin, let go of pride
Sweet Jesus has given His Spirit to be your guide

His feet are where we long to lay our crowns
We do not have to wear a foreboding frown
Run the race God has intended
Guaranteed Sisters, the finish is splendid
So on this pilgrim journey, take the next step
All we endure is temporary, His kingdom is eternal and full of lasting depth
Press on dear one, take the next step
He'll infuse you with His power and give you the pep
Take the next step

Be in the Word, sow sorrows in praise and prayers
You are dearly loved, the Maker of heaven and earth, for you cares
So come on pilgrim and grab my hand
Together, we'll take the next step, till we reach the promised land.


Luanne said...

I can't wait to do the Prayer's of Ascent study--Psalms is one of my favorite books! I would love to see a post on your big take-aways!

Profbaugh said...

Hey Lora,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Long time, huh?? It was great getting to meet you at the Siesta Fiesta lunch! Glad you found me so we could reconnect!!

~Cheryl Baugh

Groovewoman ♫ said...

I absolutely LOVED this bible study. I just finished it about a week ago and your post is a perfect & fitting blessing for the end of the study. :D

I know I don't get to comment often, but I enjoy reading your blog.
Much Love,

Lora said...

Luanne, you will love the study!

Cheryl, it's soo good to *see* you!

Groovewoman, thank you dear for your kind words.