Nov 21, 2008

Hilton Head Island

From the moment we arrived, the Lord's creation sang its song:

I was thrilled to have a table all to myself in our room for my Bible study. One morning a note on my Bible greeted me from Baby asking me to wake her so we could go to breakfast together. When I woke her, she blessed my heart by telling me she knew I would find the note if she placed it on my Bible. I found the Rick Warren book in the hotel nightstand and I loved the picture of the woman jumping on the bed on the do not disturb sign!
The teens were thrilled because in their room was a table. And not just an ordinary table either.
While the Salesman was in class during the day, the teens and I were amazed by the creatures at the seashore.

My favorite picture of the Author. She is stylishly wearing one of the matching scarves we bought while in South Carolina.

And my favorite of Baby and her hat.
Seashore hugs, because I love to hug.
And my heart delights when I see the teens hug too.
Girls, girls, girls.Thank you Lord for darlin' teen girls.


Luanne said...

Thanks for posting your pictures--Did the teens help you so you can do it next time?? or did they just do it?? or if you are anything like me, they told me what to do--but I won't remember for the next 100 times!!

I love the ocean!

Lora said...

It only took my like 2 hours Luanne! We had so much fun just looking at the 1,000 pictures we took. It was the first time we filled our memory card on the camera.

Which when I bought the camera, I didn't know it needed a memory card - the teens sent me back to the store to buy one! Oh, it was funny! Clue to self: take teens when buying techno items.

Ang baylis said...

I LOVE Hilton Head Island and have many good memories of it! We used to go every year for Easter week. The azaelas are my favorite as well as the Spanish moss trees. You pictures are amazing! I'm happy for you!
Angie xoxo

Leah said...


Thank you for visiting me over at The Point. I hope you found a blessing or two there and you will come back to visit. I'll be back to visit you more.


Anonymous said...

Hi there how are you? I just wanted to leave you a comment to say that I digg your site, and found it also inspiring.

I have an art blog here in Southern California and want to invite you to visit.

I have different labels with artistic perspectives, music videos of music that I like, and art, poetry, writing, just fun stuff, OK I hope to see you there soon.

take care

fuzzytop said...

Hi Lora,
Love the photos!
I remember you from the Siesta Fiesta....we got to talk a little, but not enough.


Lora said...

Angie, I thought the Spanish moss was waving at us - I loved it too!

Welcome Leah! Thank you kindly for dropping by!

Jesse, I'm so glad you found this little corner of the world to be inspiring. Thank you.

So glad to hear from you! It was a pleasure to meet you in San Antonio!