Nov 27, 2008

Driver's Permit

My darlin' teen studying on the way to take the test to get her permit this week.
Mama realizing that we'll be switching seats soon.
Mama praying the roads are this sparse when she starts driving.
Knowing the Lord goes before her and is her rear guard.
Praise His Name!
Studying while waiting in line. Notice the binding of her book. Oh yes, she has studied.
Taking the test...
Waiting to hear the results...
That darlin' smile means yes! She passed!
Time to sign the name for the permit card - it was the only part that darlin' teen had to redo,
Yes ma'am, please try again.
The machine would not register her delicate signature!
A lovely blue background for her permit picture.


Leah said...


Thank you so, so much for your beautiful prayer from The Psalms for me. God is so faithful to guide and direct us and I love praying His Word to Him.

Congratulations to your cutie on getting her permit!! Watch out world!! Nothing can stop her now!!