Oct 20, 2008

Siesta Fiesta Fun

Yes, I have procrastinated. It is going on two months and I'm just posting about a the most wonderful trip to San Antonio for the Siesta Fiesta. The number one hurdle in the process was not having a blog; but obviously now, that little *thing* has been solved. I'm so thankful to my dear husband, The Salesman, who graciously and without hesitation gave me the trip as a birthday present. And I believe he had as much fun at home with the dear teenagers as I had on my trip.
It had been at least ten years since I was on a plane, so, of course, I had to take pictures of the clouds because they were gorgeous! And they seemed so indicative of how I felt about the trip - my excitement level was soaring and my feet were no where near the ground.

Thursday evening was a riverboat cruise and then dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. This riverboat full of Siestas was non-stop conversation and laughter and camera clicks.
Back Row: Kim, Tammy, Elizabeth, Patty, Georgia, Me, Nesha, Veronica, Melana
Row 2: Lisa, Brooke, Kathy, Jeanette, Kimberly and Grace and Joanne. San Antonio has amazing architecture. A classic old world look with definite Spanish flair. I could have cruised all day and enjoyed every sight my eyes landed on - the whole earth is full of His glory! I so want to comment on each and every one of these - the detail in the iron work, the stones neatly stacked, the sprawling vines; but they speak for themselves.

On Friday, we had lunch at Pico De Gallo. It was after looking at these pictures that I discovered I have a head tilting thing going on in the majority of them. I believe my head had a Siesta Magnet in it. Here I am meeting His Five Footer. Now I thought, it could be that I'm 5'10 and she's five foot. Oh, I wish that had been it!
Here is Marina, head straight and all, and guess who is tilting her head? Marina was precious - she'd squeal when she found out your name!
And Lisa, the Preacher's Wife - a doll! And I'm hugging her like a doll! So many times as I've read Lisa's comments, I just agree with her or laugh with her! She is cute as a button and kind and sincere.
My wonderful roomie Michelle from Because I Love You is seated on the left. Please read her post here about our time together - it was a God appointment for sure! I received so much personal encouragement from Michelle - she blessed me in many ways. And may I say, she continues to!?! I'm so thankful to the Lord, that we are still keeping in touch and praying for and encouraging one another.
We had church in our room several times during our visit to SA. God showed up in a big way in the orchestration of our rooming together - we serve an amazing God! Roomie Nesha is from Virginia (pictured on the right) and takes the most awesome pictures...ever! She is down to earth and so considerate! She loves her husband and dear boys. We met at the airport and she patiently and graciously waited for me while I waited forever and ever, amen for my luggage! Then she also darted out early one morning to save us a place in line! A true servant. We shared meals, taxi's and the room. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. She has an awesome testimony of coming to accept Jesus at a LPL event - praise His Name!
Getting another head tilt at the Alamodome with Nesha!
When I met so-darlin'-in-person Amanda, I was so excited to have a picture taken with her, I didn't realize my hair looked... umm, unkempt. But now I know why it looked that way - I'd been tilting my head to lean in to my new Siesta friends! I'm sure I would have tilted to Amanda, but there was this big rope separating us - for her safety (and her hair's safety)- I'm sure from tilter's like me! Right away Amanda looked at my name tag and asked me about my trip and drew me into a conversation. She is darlin'. And stylish. My dear teens would have loved her leggings.
Here I notice my head seems to be balanced when I'm equally distributed with Siesta's on both sides! With roomie Alexia, Nesha and new friend, Valerie. And thank you Kristen for taking the picture! Dear Alexia is from my home state! She is a gracious, gracious woman. She is gentle and caring in her attitude and actions. A nurse by profession and kind and genteel are her ways. She was super organized and a delightful room mate. I'm so excited to think that we may be able to meet when I go home for a visit!
More head tiltin' going on when I met the lovely Simple Wife, Joanne. She graciously answered a gazillion questions that I had about her writing. Thank you Joanne! Did you all know she has been on a radio broadcast at Focus on the Family?
I had stalked this young lady's blog for quite some time... Yes, I confessed to Ocean Mommy!
And Fran and I have a meeting of the heads at the Alamodome! She is so much fun!
Did anyone see Max?
But here is the main attraction, servant of God, Beth Moore. She brought the Word and spoke to my heart! There were literally moments when it was just God and me in the room. You know, when words come out of Beth's mouth that only God could know would speak directly to my heart?
I pray what I heard will grow and not depart
Yes, God, through Beth Moore, spoke a Word to my heart!
This Miesta and his friends - they can sing and they did. They brought us before the throne.
We worshipped at His footstool. Thank you Rich for the picture.
By the time I saw this picture, I was totally convinced I had a Siesta magnet in my head. I'm sorry Kelly Minter, before this trip, I didn't know I had this head tilting thing going on... My dear teens and I had done Kelly's No Other God's study over the summer and it was a treat to get to visit with her for a few minutes. Kelly spoke sweet words of encouragement over my budding musicians at home! And I had never heard Kelly sing before and we had flat-out worship with her song, Finer Day.
This kind lady has encouraged me so very much across the miles. It was my pleasure to meet live and in person Big Mama. I'm convinced she's Big Mama because of the size of her heart. Thank you kindly for your Big heart for others.
The incredible worship leader, Travis Cottrell.
Dear heart, Vicki Courtney, I so enjoyed our visit! She blessed my socks off! She so sweetly listened to me gush at how I'd been blessed by her book "Your Girl" and how the dear teens and I do her program of praise and the 31 Christian Attributes prayers. Vicki and I were still chatting when security sent us out of the building. And there's BooMama in the background - I love how Boo said my name - a fine and fun southern lady indeed!
And this darlin' woman, Margaret Kennedy, was precious. We visited for a short while before one of the sessions and she prayed a blessing over my oldest daughter's book. Blessed my heart in a big way!
The Siesta Fiesta - I loved seeing Amanda, Beth and Melissa all talk with their hands at the same time!

Siesta Mama, precious Melana and thank-you-for-getting-me-a-seat Veronica!

My head is balanced again by Big and Boo at the PJ party. Big had the cutest jeans with a rainbow on them - I so wish I'd gotten a picture of her groovy jeans! And BooMama, you are a great conversationalist! Talking to you was like talking to my best friend. And your earrings look like so much fun! You are both fun and such sweet southern ladies.
Back on the airplane home, I enoyed God's beauty again and the only thing my head was magnetized to was a fluffy little pillow. Sweet dreams indeed. I had to be wakened by a flight attendant; but it was so worth it.


Luanne said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I so enjoyed seeing your Siesta Fiesta pictures--and the head magnet thing cracked me up. I have that same magnet and have had it since high school!! I did the NOG study also--wasn't it awesome?

Anyways, nice to meet you. I am so going to the next Siesta event!!

God Bless!

Lora said...

Greetings Luanne and thanks for stopping by! I'm glad to know that I'm not alone with the head magnet thing!
And yes, the NOG study was awesome! I will look forward to meeting you at the next Siesta Fiesta!

Kimberly said...

Hi! Thanks so much for your congrats!

Looks like you truly had a phenomenal time on this trip! What fun...to see Beth and her girls and to meet SO many other fantastic bloggers! :)

I actually had not heard of the NOG study before today, but I have seen it all over the place. I am for sure going to have to look into this!

Blessings! So nice to "meet" you!
K :)

Lora said...

Welcome Kimberly!

The trip and meeting the Siestas was so much fun!

My darlin' teens and I did the NOG study together. It was awesome. Kelly Minter's writing connected with their teen hearts as well as mine.

jennyhope said...

how did we not get a pic together? i felt bad for yall on that boat ride...i was so not sitting out in the hotness!!

Lora said...

Jenny, I don't know how we did not get a picture together! One of my all time most hilarious moments there was seeing you give the microphone back to the Lifeway employee, so you could *show* us how you curled your hair!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

We had some big fun didn't we?? I love that worship picture of you..:))

Lora said...

Yes indeed Lisa, we had some BIG fun!
Thank you kindly for stopping by!

Groovewoman ♫ said...

Girl dont feel bad, because I STILL haven't posted about the Siesta Fiesta trip yet. I just haven't had the time to write it all down. Shoot I haven't even uploaded all of my pics from the trip yet. It's sad I know, but there is a lot to writ about that trip!

I LOVED getting to meet you!

Lora said...

Groovewoman,you are making me feel so much better! Thank you kindly for the sweet picture you sent me!