Oct 12, 2008

An Early Mountain Morning

When I saw the beautiful pink masterpiece in the sky, I knew the camera *must* go out with me as I let Lilly Belle out this crisp morning.
As dear little dog meandered down the drive, so did I, closer it seemed to the beautiful pink greeting in the morning sky.

Then I was sidetracked by this velvety plant in the Author's herb garden, Lamb's Ear. It is shaped like and as soft as, you guessed it - a lamb's ear!
I was drawn across the lawn to pick up a few tobacco leaves that had fallen from an old truck that lumbered up the country road to deposit a harvest in the barn. On the other side, I saw this bright goldenrod, called firecracker with Wormwood as the sprawling background.
It seemed like I was closer to the pink on this side!

Then as Lilly Belle continues to sniff, I stoop to investigate the Yarrow -
A fern like addition with the most interesting seed pods,
So desolate looking, but full of seeds and life for another season, when my sweet, darlin' Maltese starts barking like she's a mad seal. Living in the country, I thought maybe she was sounding the alarm for a deer, a stray dog, a neighbor sauntering to their vehicle, which are normal *things* that signal the start of a good seal barking chorus. But, it was a young lady with ipod in tow taking her morning run. First thoughts in my head were - oh, how nice to see another young lady out running this morning. Wonder if she would like a running partner? Oh no, not for me, for my dear fifteen year old who loves to run. You know, she needs someone to run with her and ....Bark! Bark! Bark! Back to reality - "Lilly Belle! Ma'am, I'm sorry."
So, I take my ferocious seal (aka fluffy, friendly 10-pound-will-lick-you-till-you-pet-her dog) back inside. And by the time I got back to the pink, the Lord had started erasing His board for another day. Still lovely, indeed. Still pink.
And since my ferocious seal, was now sleeping inside, I enjoyed the mums and asters,
The blossoms and counting the buds yet to give beauty to their stem,
Dropping the tobacco leaves at the doorstop before opening the door to find sweet Lilly Belle asleep on the rug.