Oct 19, 2018

For The Love of Lamp Lights - Holston's Kitchen

Out to dinner with The Salesman, and looking up at these lovely cylinder shades in our local Holston's Kitchen:

So, gas lanterns are a favorite of mine.  I spied these lovely lanterns on the brick pillars in their patio seating area.  They have gas lanterns both inside, and outside, the restaurant.  I didn't get any pictures of the inside lanterns this week; but, they are lovely.

And don't outdoor patio string lights just add ambiance?

Look up!

There is beauty all around.

Happy weekend!

Oct 17, 2018

Celebrate Good Times

My grandmother has been in the hospital recently, and truly, I am understanding how every day and every phone call and every visit with her is a gift.  When she made it home from her most recent stay, we spent the morning together and decided, since it was my niece Caroline's 11th birthday, we would give Caroline a face time call. I wish I could have captured my grandmother's excitement when I mentioned this idea.  She was delighted!   I brought along some party hats from my Lisa friend, and we wore them to join in the face-time party across the miles.  Although we had used the hats before to celebrate a good time, these hats brought such a beautiful smile to my dear grandmother's face.  It's the little things that bless my heart.  I left them on her dining room table, hoping that the sight of them would bring a smile back to her face, and heart.

As I think back about how my mother cultivated a sense of celebration in our family traditions, I realize that as I look back on celebrations of good times that I've enjoyed with friends and family, that it is the little things that I remember and hold dear to my heart.  Most of them involve a smile, or the laughter or surprise, or joy, of people I love.  I truly love to see people smile.  Not the pose for a picture smile; but, the spontaneous outburst of joy that comes from deep within, and you can tell by a face that is filled with delight.  So although I share a picture, in my heart I hold a memory of the sound of Grandma's delighted voice.

My grandmother is the most beautiful woman in the world to me.  There is such love in her most-days-aching-eyes, and in her heart the size of Texas, and in well-worn hands.  She is enjoying the detail of this bear that my dear friend *Pearl* made. 

The beauty of her home is simple and welcoming.  Love lives here and spills over and onto every single person who enter her doors.  

Love lives here.  

Love listens.  

Love values people. 

Love speaks concern and care.  

Love holds no grudges.

Love has nothing against anyone.

Love gets in no hurry.

Love shares what she has.  

Love never fails.
Though I know she ails,
Grandma's love, never fails.

I am blessed to celebrate the good times.

Oct 15, 2018

Trim Healthy Mama Chicken Pot Pie Review

There are two vegetables that I have avoided since The Salesman's diabetes diagnosis:

Peas and carrots

And tonight's recipe for dinner included both vegetables.  Normally, we think of vegetables as being low in sugar; but some vegetables rank higher in sugar.  And that was the reason I had avoided these two until tonight.  Now that The Salesman is four months out from his diagnosis, and has cut sugar out of his diet, I decided to try a recipe that had a small amount of peas and carrots.

Let me just start out by saying, The Salesman liked this meal. It was tasty. He had a very generous first serving and a generous second serving.  We paired a green salad with this comfort food to round out our meal.

My sister-in-love, Nancy, makes the best Chicken Pot Pie ever.  I still remember some twenty years ago, arriving at her home as she was finishing the crust...  For years, anytime I made a chicken pot pie, I used Nancy's recipe.  Since we are following the THM plan, it was time to try Chicken Pot Pie from the Trim Healthy Mama perspective.

Here are the recipe details:

Cookbook:  Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
Chapter:  Oven Dishes
Recipe:  Chicken Pot Pie
Serving:  Family Serve - Feeds 6 to 8
Fuel: S, Satisfying

This recipe was divided into two steps:  

The filling and the crust.

I would suggest prepping your chicken beforehand, so that the recipe moves along.  *Someone* did not put the chicken in the refrigerator to thaw the night before and *someone* had to cook the chicken while the filling was simmering on the stove top...

And one would think that I was excited to open the peas, because here is where some of the peas landed when I opened the bag... And sad to say, there were a good many that found their way to the floor!

Now this was where I was aiming to put the peas...

 The filling was tasty!

And I decided to be a little creative with the crust.  I did not read the last few lines of the recipe that mentioned browning the crust.  Details, details.

I was ready to eat! And may have already eaten most of my salad by the time the pot pie came out of the oven.

Flavorful and delicious!

Two thumbs up!


Oct 12, 2018

For the Love of Lamp Lights - Mufreesboro Business Meetings

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope you have had a good week and have a wonder filled weekend!

Business meetings held in the Nashville area had me on the lookout for lamp lights... And the Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro provided some interesting and eclectic pieces.  This was my favorite  light because of the elegant shape of the frosted glass. And I love the how the reflection highlights the blocks on the wallpaper.

The three legged floor lamps had an extra-terrestrial look to them - like they are a flying saucer docking station!

I spotted at least four different types of lighting in this large hallway:

Here is another view of my favorite:

What a lovely shade and shape:

Look at the chandelier over the desk in the background - lots of sparkle!

Looking up is always the best!  The largest and most glorious light in the lobby - the sunlight - through this skylight!

Look up!

There is beauty all around!

Oct 10, 2018

Sweet All Around

Business meetings in the Nashville area are quickly becoming my favorite! We had reservations made for this trip months ago and it was a *sweet all around* trip.  And it was not because of the food; although there were some delicious options that I said yes to while on the road.  Like this veggie omelet with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese...Yum!!!

I brought along a chocolate Trimtastic Trim Healthy Mama cake for our trip, along with healthy snacks.  So many times at business meetings we attend, there are numerous sweet options, for instance this table with fourteen pies:

And there always seems to be macaroni and cheese at most meetings we attend that serve lunch or dinner:

I enjoy salads, and this meeting offered delicious greens in lovely wooden serving bowls:

The prime rib was some of the best I've ever tried.  But by the time I got to the prime rib, I was almost full.  As you can see, the salad was the majority of my plate! And macaroni and cheese came in second.

It's always good to be prepared, because of all the sweet offerings:

In my sugar laden days, I would've chosen a sugar cookie. Or two.

But the reason I say the trip was *sweet all around*, is because of this darlin' young lady.  She is the sweetest, sweet ever!  It is such a blessing to see her as we travel to the Nashville area.  Seeing her smile and hearing her laugh are music to my ears. I am one blessed mama.

Oct 8, 2018

Pizza! Pizza! Round Two!

The Pizza! Pizza! I made last month was such a hit with The Salesman, that I made it again this month, with a few changes.  I am always looking for something new to try!  So, I decided that I would make one *red* pizza for The Salesman as his favorite meat lovers pizza, and I'd make a *white* pizza for me.  

I started by plating all the ingredients for each pizza. His plate has the turkey pepperoni, chicken sausage, and turkey bacon, and red and orange peppers.

Because I forgot to thaw the sauce I'd made and stored in the freezer, I used sugar free sauce from Aldi, which was good! And I forgot to put kale or spinach on The Salesman's pizza, so it really is a *red* pizza!

I shredded mozzarella and then added a light dusting of parmesan cheese before baking, and it came out of the oven looking and smelling delicious:

One red pizza, ready to enjoy!

Then I started on the white pizza, which I decided would be a chicken, bacon and spinach alfredo pizza.  Now, I thought I had a picture with all the listed ingredients on the plate; but, I only had a picture of what was left on the plate!  I used all the spinach I had on the plate, plus some, and didn't use all the chicken or turkey bacon.  I had planned to make the alfredo sauce; but was thankful to have an Aldi jar on hand.

Here it is as I had envisioned it!  And it looks really good!!!

But, I had a few peppers left, so I thought I should add them to the white pizza!

It looks scrumptious and it's not even baked yet!  And it doesn't have the mozzarella or parmesan cheese yet...

I'm certain that I'd already taken a bite of this tasty pizza before I took the picture:


What are you favorite pizza toppings combinations? Please share!  Since this pizza is such a hit with The Salesman, this will be a regular at our house.


Oct 5, 2018

For the love of Lamp Lights - The Corban House

Imagine the fun of pulling the tassel and the vanity light coming on! I think I like a tassel better than a switch! How about you? The Corbin House boasts many original items including the hard wood floors, built-ins, and all original bathroom fixtures, like this one, from the 1950's.  

Look up, my friends!  There is so much beauty all around!

Happy weekend!