Aug 13, 2018

Trim Healthy Mama One Batch Meatballs Review

When Victoria and I came back from our trip, we had an abundance of garden tomatoes. I shared with many friends and still had enough to make marinara sauce. So late one evening, I made a few quarts of marinara sauce and thought the next logical thing to do was make meatballs.  There are several  THM recipes; but, here are the details for the recipe I selected:

Cookbook:  Trim Healthy Table
Chapter: Comforting Casseroles & Bakes 
Recipe:  One-Batch Meatballs
Serving: Makes about 35 meatballs
Fuel:  FP with S option

This recipe has a secret vegetable in them and could not be detected by The Salesman.  In fact,  The Salesman really liked them!  He commented on how good they were - which is a good sign that I will be making them again!  Usually when I have to ask if he likes something, I already know the answer.  I made them as a Satisfying meal and used the chicken broth option verses the soy sauce option for the liquid to bake the meatballs.  You can see the baked meatballs in a liquid concoction.  I had never made them this way before - have you used liquid to bake your meatballs?  Also worthy of note, was that my recipe made at least 45 meatballs.  It could be because the directions said to:

"...form into small balls (a hair smaller than a golf ball)."

I attribute the abundance of meatballs due to the fact that I am not a golfer and not that familiar with golf ball sizes.  As far as the shape not being round like golf balls, I am not sure what happened there.  They tasted so good though!  

The Salesman's plate with fresh made marinara sauce and green beans from his dad's garden:

And here is a picture of my serving. I like to use a blue and white set that Victoria Leigh found at a thrift store.  It is a beautiful small bowl and small plate, and they are the perfect size for a serving!

You can see the meatballs better in this picture:

I added extra marinara sauce here!


Aug 10, 2018

For the Love of Lamp Lights Vintage Pendant Swag Lamps

For the love of lamp lights, is this not gorgeous!?!

And I have a friend to thank for finding them for me!  It was late Friday afternoon, a couple weeks ago, when she sent me a picture of them and I was out on a business appointment and couldn't make it to the shop before they closed that day.  Then I had to wait six days between the time she sent me the picture, and the shop re-opening. Insert Jeopardy music here...

The day the shop opened, I already had an appointment; and when work was done, I headed straight for the shop. So, when I arrived,  I had to constrain myself and not run in the door and go straight to the lighting area.  I casually got a shopping cart, and slowly made my way back to see if they were still there!  And I may, or may not, have done a happy dance when I saw the box with two vintage, white matte glass, pendant swag lamps --- YES!!!

I think they are gorgeous!!!

My favorite find of the year!!! And I didn't even find them...  I have a friend to thank for finding them for me and for thinking of me.  It's good to have friends.  It's good when they know your tastes and think of you when they see something they know you will really like. I am so blessed by my friends.  I am so happy to have these lamp lights.  

I don't remember taking this picture; but I like the artsy look of the glass globe from this angle.  

Look up!!!

There is beauty all around.

Aug 8, 2018

It's been three years

Dad, I am thankful to be your daughter.

You gave me a lovely name, 
And for my life, a beautiful frame. 

Though sad, you couldn’t longer with us, stay, 

I choose to remember you with joy, today. 

As a servant, you bowed low,

In humility and strength, did you live, and work, and go. 

9.30.41 - 8.6.15 



Aug 3, 2018

For the Love of Lamp Lights - Loews Vanderbilt Hotel

Happy weekend, friends!  

Our work to us to Nashville this last week and we *had* to go to the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel.  Work (duty) calls.  I had such a visual feast while The Salesman was parking the car. The art, architecture, and the lamp lights were just lovely...


Look up!

Aug 1, 2018

Work and Play

The Salesman and I had two appointments in Nashville this last week. One of the appointments was a wee bit more fun than the other.  One business meeting was held at TopGolf.  I am going to guess that there were at least 1,000 people there on a week night.  Amazing.  So, you can play golf and the monitor at your station tracks your shot.  Again, amazing.  We had some serious golfers in our mix.  I was not one of the serious ones; but, I had fun.  The place was buzzing with activity and tv's and food.

Here is The Salesman!

The premium buffet food was delicious. I am always a fan of a salad, especially one that someone else has prepared, because, salads are work! This salad was fresh and yummy, and filled about half of my plate.  I had a portabella mushroom steak, though there were several meat options, including prime rib and chicken.  Yes, that is macaroni and cheese on my plate.  I ate off my Trim Healthy Mama plan.  I did take along snacks, and a trimtastic cake, for The Salesman and I to eat for the days we were in town.

And the best part of the evening was when Audra Elizabeth stopped by after work.  She is officially a resident of Nashville now.  It did my mama's heart good to see her.  Look at her beautiful smile!!!  And since selfies are rare with her, I am posting several pictures that she took.

This shot is slightly different, and I just love that we got so many pictures together!

This may be my favorite picture of Audra...

I've been so blessed to spend time with my family, and The Salesman's family, this last month.  Family is a blessing.  Work is a blessing.

Jul 30, 2018

Trim Healthy Mama Cheesy Bread Sticks or Pizza Crust Review - Pizza Crust Review

Good morning! Happy start of a new week to you!  I hope you had a great weekend! We were gone four days this last week and had company this weekend! It was fun.  

The Salesman is a fan of the meat lovers pizza at one particular pizza establishment here in town.  In my pre-Trim Healthy Mama days, I always preferred a place with fresh toppings.  We have both been known to be bread lovers, for sure.  Since The Salesman had a heart attack last month, I am focusing on making foods that are healthy for him, and are appealing alternatives to replace what he had been eating.  This time, I decided to try the pizza crust option, and top it to make it a Salesman Healthy Meat Lovers Pizza.  Just so you know, one meat lovers pizza box has been to our home since the heart attack.  I don't want any more pizza boxes here.  Way to much sodium in one box!

You may remember that I have reviewed this recipe before from the bread sticks side, so I won't rehash the whole post Cheesy Bread Sticks.  Here are the details I shared, and I think are important to post again with the Pizza Crust version:

"This week I tried a recipe from the new Trim Healthy Table cookbook in the Breads, Wraps, Biscuits and Loaves chapter.  The recipe for Cheesy Bread Sticks or Pizza Crust is on page 252 and is categorized as an S (satisfying) meal.  It is a NSI - No Special Ingredients recipe.

I have made other gluten free bread sticks and pizza crust.  This one was good.  Hands down, I believe it is the quickest prep one that I've ever done.  Most GF crusts call for cauliflower and this one does; but it gives the option to use frozen cauliflower - what a convenient form, right? Well, it is actually quite amazing at how you use the frozen vegetable in the recipe and that it turned out good.

I made the recipe as bread sticks and served it with sugar free sauce.  The Salesman was not really thrilled with them.  I have several more to still in the refrigerator.  I don't think I am going to make these again unless I am in a big hurry. But who wants to sacrifice taste for convenience? Not me.

They do look delicious though!"

Making the recipe as a pizza crust verses the bread sticks, gets a thumbs up from both of us!

I used lean ground grass-fed beef, chicken sausage, turkey pepperoni, green peppers and cheese for the toppings.  All the toppings were placed atop a sugar free sauce purchased at Aldi.

The fact that I could use frozen cauliflower was a big plus once again.  It is such a time saver for me. This recipe made two large baking sheets of pizza.  We ate at least four meals from this recipe.  Audra tried some when she was home.  I served it with a large salad and pizza dip, which is also pictured, with fresh cucumbers, cauliflower, celery, etc.


Jul 27, 2018

For the Love of Lamp Lights - Grandma Mavis

Because I don't think I could share just one of these pictures from a visit to my grandmother's house, I'm sharing several.  I think they are beautiful.  They are beautiful to me because of the people in them.  My grandmother is my best friend.  And you know my mama's heart for my daughters.  When Audra was home, we made a visit with Grandma Mavis a priority, and I am so glad that we did.

There is such beauty in my grandmother's actions and words, as she encouraged Audra. I wish you could have been there too, to hear her tender words, as the morning sun brightened the room and spilled through the drapes that were drawn back .  Time seemed to stand still as love was expressed and received.  There was an ethereal feel and a beauty that shone brightly though not one of her five living room lamps was turned on.  And the  lamp on the stereo has been covered in plastic for as long as I can remember...

Do you ever happen upon a holy moment in everyday life? I witnessed one, as my almost 93 year old grandmother took the hand of my beloved oldest daughter and imparted love, and encouragement, and a wisdom that comes from walking where someone else has walked. Her words and gentle ways opened up the heavens (and our hearts) and had The Salesman, Audra, and me in tears. I glimpsed heaven today, in a real and tangible way. 

Don’t ever think you are alone in this life. Don’t ever think that loving someone is wrong. Don’t ever think that disappointment, heartache, and loss means sorrow lasts forever. Joy comes in the morning. Joy came this special day at 10:56 am. I am the most blessed mama ever to see one generation blessing the other. God is good. He is real. You are never too old, or to young, to minister grace and love. 

Look up!