Sep 20, 2017

An intentional action

As I was getting out of my car yesterday, I had a thought come into my heart and head that I knew wasn't my own.  How did I know it wasn't my own? Well, my mind was focused on many other *things*.  I had a physical list that I was checking off, and it was after noon and the list seemed longer than the hours left in the day. But, I also had a mental list that kept going on and on, too.  The little things that come to my mind, like: where to park, does that other car see me with my blinker on, what do I need to take from the car into the store, which item should I look for first on my list, which place to go to first - you get the idea.

There seems to always be thoughts going on in my head.

Can I get a witness?

Sometimes my to-do lists can wear me out.  The busy-ness of of life and routine is an every day reality.  How new items can add to the list with one phone call or text, or the opening of one piece of mail.  It seems to be a never ending cycle. Not a bad thing all together, my friends.  I mean life and activity are a blessing from The LORD.  I am so thankful to have health and mental and physical capabilities to go and do and function in everyday life.  So many blessings are mine.

But, as I was going into a store yesterday, a thought came to my mind that was not part of my lists or the thoughts or routines I'd been dwelling on at the time.  The thought seemed to float by.  And at that very moment, I realized that it was a good thought and acknowledged that it was good.  But in my busyness, I did not take the time, effort and energy to write it down and remember what the thought was because I was busy with my own thoughts and lists.

Sad to admit in these early morning hours, that I cannot even remember what the good thought was.  I've had a few instances lately where I've recognized that GOD is saying, or even doing something; but, truth be told, I've been too busy to fully experience the fullness of what I believe, looking back, are GOD thoughts or encounters.  And I just don't want to miss any more of them.

So, I want to be intentional.  I want to recognize and experience more of the holy in the everyday.  You just cannot manufacture a GOD thought or moment.  Hallelujah that I am aware of that fact.

I just don't want to miss any more of them.
I want to listen to, and fully experience, HIM.

What is my plan, now that I am aware?

Well, I'm so glad you asked! I almost always have my calendar and pen with me, or my phone with a notepad option. I am going to allow the awareness to become an action.  An intentional action.  For me, that is going to be the action of pausing to write it down.

Write it down.

What a relief.
I have a battle plan against the thief.

Just recognizing that he comes to steal, kill and destroy -
I am on to to you ole boy.

No more.
No more.
Will you steal from heaven's earthly store.
I'm on to you ole boy.

What relief.
A battle plan against the thief!

Together, we can gain back lost ground,
And enjoy the fullness of GOD all around.


Sep 18, 2017

Trim Healthy Mama - Pumpkin Cake

Good Monday morning! How are you today? I hope you had a great weekend! My weekend was busy with a conference at church.  

On Friday morning I made a pumpkin version of the Trim Healthy Mama Trimastic Cake.  Instead of using zucchini and chocolate as called for in the recipe, I used a can of pumpkin and one teaspoon of allspice and cinnamon and a half teaspoon of ginger.  

It is delicious!!!

The icing was made with cream cheese, butter, vanilla and Gentle Sweet (a Trim Healthy Mama sweetener).

The Salesman has not even tried it, which means, more for me! I will be making this cake again! And again. I store it covered and in the refrigerator.  It is categorized as a S dessert.

Happy Monday!

Sep 15, 2017

For The Love of Lamp Lights - Heritage Fellowship

Happy Friday, friends!  I pray that you've had a great week!

Last night a conference started at our church and I went to the opening session last night.  I believe that our church is a center for creativity.  We were asked to submit creative works that were in line with the conference theme,  to be displayed for the conference.  I was pleased when I saw one of my pieces right at the opening to the door underneath a lovely lamp light...  I had just written down what I felt like I heard from The LORD.  My mounting design was not my original - I copied my youngest daughters design for mounting it with yarn and brass nails. I then put the three pieces: paper, yarn and nails and mounted them on a piece of artwork that I bought from an Emerald Academy display at the Knoxville Museum of Art.

But look at the light around the piece...It looks like an angel...


Look up!

Sep 13, 2017

Made New

Good morning!  How are you this morning?  I hope you are having a good week.  My thoughts and prayers are with those that have been impacted by the hurricanes.

Our church starts a conference this week with the theme of "Made New" and the theme has been in the forefront my thoughts lately. I sat and wrote the following piece this last week. I don't know that it is right to say that I wrote it, because I feel like I just write down what I hear.  I feel more like a scribe than an author.

I pray that the new that Our LORD brings, is embraced by you:

Does defeat,
Ever draw close and take a seat?

Or fear,
Crouch down and stay near?

Does sorrow,
Seem to define your years?

May The Word,
Bring new life to you.

HE has plans an purposes here, and among the nations.
Embrace the new, in the events you are facing.

HE knows the heartache and pain you endure,
And in our One, Nail-Pierced Savior, is our cure.

Oh, HE brings beauty from the ash heap,
May HIS new flow into your soul and seep.

The chaos you go through,
HE desires to make new.

Allow, HIS refrain,
Through the tears and pain.

Oh, to see clearly,
HE loves you, dearly.

HE will use the darkness, the sorrow, and the pain
To bring glory, to HIS wonder-filled name.

Sep 11, 2017

Trim Healthy Mama - Cornbread Crusted Mexican Pie Review

Good Monday morning!  How are you?  Did you have a good weekend? I hope so!  I had a very relaxing weekend and it came at a good time with this being a very busy week for me.  

I have tried several new recipes this last week and am going to review the Trim Healthy Mama Cornbread Crusted Mexican Pie.  It is a satisfying (S) meal and is a family serve, which means for the Salesman and me, we have leftovers for a couple meals!  A family serve feeds 6-8 people. 

The Salesman bragged to our friends at a dinner party last week about how good my cornbread is,  and it got me to thinking about a THM version of cornbread.  Granted, this cornbread is atop a casserole; but it was pretty good.  

The recipe calls for ground meat of any kind and I used beef.  I have started ordering my meat from Zaycon and really like the quality and convenience of ordering from them.  Have you heard of them? The recipe also calls for cheese of any kind and I used Colby Jack.  It also calls for 2 tablespoons of frozen corn in the cornbread topping and I did not add corn to the topping.  

This is a good and filling meal. I served ours with a side salad of mixed greens and some fresh veggies.  I would make this again!

It is on page 132 of the THM cookbook! 


Sep 8, 2017

For the Love of Lamp Lights - Sun Trust Building

Good morning, friends!  Happy Friday! Hope you have had a good week. 

While sitting and waiting for an appointment today, I spied these huge chandeliers!  At first, I snapped just a picture of one and then, decided that all three would be better.  Three is  better than one!

Look up!

Happy weekend!

Sep 6, 2017


It is a new season! This theme of new seems to be everywhere I turn. And I love when I can see a good picture of a word.

Yesterday an arborist and his crew, started the process of removing some dead and leaning trees from our property. The rain and a storm set in and they had to get their big trucks off the lawn; but today I see two stumps remaining from yesterday's work as I click on the keys from my office window.  They are going to come back and remove the stumps and finish up when the lawn dries out.

Looking at remnants of the old is all that is left today. One pine tree they removed had been destroyed by bagworms and the other was leaning too much toward the street and The Salesman thought it was a liability, so it too, is gone.  There is a bit of sawdust that encircles the two stumps.

The whole process has me thinking of how The LORD can remove the old from our life; but if it not completely gone, we are going to focus on it and find ourselves missing out on the beauty of what The LORD has if we focus on the old instead of the new. And those stumps are just reminders of what was there.

It's a good picture for me though. With the diseased and leaning trees gone, there is so much more sunlight in the front yard!

With the old gone, the can be so much more Son Light.  Hallelujah.

You know, I'm ready for them to come back and completely remove the stumps.  Because the old can trip us up and leave us flat on our rump.

LORD, remove all my stumps:
Anything that is old,
And leaves me dark and cold.

I want the new.
Come remove what YOU need to.

Where diseased and leaning,
Give me hope and new meaning.

My heart is your stage,
Now, at my current age,
I want to see and experience the new.
Come, And completely do what YOU need to do.

Bring in the truck and equipment
And remove any resentment,
Remove what needs to go,
So I can experience the GOD show.

And, please, take the stumps,
I don't want to trip and be flat on my rump.

I want a complete work
No part of the old to shirk,
A complete work.

No stumps
That we take me back to the dump.
No stumps.