Dec 14, 2018

For the Love of Lamp Lights - O P Jenkins

Happy weekend, friends!  I hope you have a wonder-filled, relaxing weekend!  Enjoy these recent, and beautiful, pictures from O.P. Jenkins.  

There is so much beauty all around us.


Look up!

Dec 10, 2018

Trim Healthy Mama Cini-Minis Review

Good morning, Mamas!

If you are looking for a super easy Trim Healthy Mama breakfast recipe, then you will surely like the Cini-Minis.  And, they are yummy!

Oh my goodness, don't they look delicious?!? 

I was talking with my family about the smell of the cinnamon rolls that fills the air when you walk in at Dollywood.  Maybe this is why I picked this recipe?  Well, if you have a craving for a cinnamon roll, I think this will hit the spot.

Here are all the recipe details:

Cookbook:  Trim Healthy Table Cookbook
Chapter:  More Sweet Treats
Recipe:  Cini-Minis
Serving:  Makes 24
Fuel: S - satisfying
NSI: No special ingredients

There are three main parts to the recipe: 

The dough
The cinnamon swirl

Victoria Leigh made the Cini-Minis for us and when I asked her opinion, she said that they were fluffy verses dense.  I would agree.  They even look more like a muffin to me.  They tasted delicious warm out of the oven, and are just as good cold from the refrigerator.  They are gooey and good.  Victoria's recipe made 18 Cini-Minis.  Her rolls looked a bit bigger than the ones pictured in the book.  We are storing the ones we did not eat hot and fresh from the oven, in a refrigerator box.  These will make a great grab-and-go breakfast.  Or, they would also be great for a snack, lunch dessert, or for a tea party!


Dec 7, 2018

For the Love of Lamp Lights - Holiday Home Tour

We kicked off December with a holiday home tour of four homes in our area.  I've made an executive decision that I am only sharing my favorite lamp light photographs because, I took a gazillion pictures today.  Seriously, this featured home, was beautiful in every way.  And the lake view...amazing.  The homeowners were so very kind and welcoming.  Come along with me and enjoy my favorite home from the holiday tour.

Groupings of three are so beautiful. 

And these beautiful sconces to light the way up...

Beauty overload here...

The windows...

And the outside area was lovely with lanterns on the table.


Textures and design...

Have you ever seen a star? Is this not adorable?


A lovely home.

Look up my friends, there is so much beauty all around.

Happy weekend.

Dec 5, 2018

Welcomed Friend

We celebrated the life of my dear friend "Pearl's" mother this last week.  Many friends gathered round the family to celebrate a life well lived.  Her mother was ready to go on to see Jesus, and to see her husband who had proceeded her in death.  Her younger brother shared the most poignant stories of her childhood and life, and in the most eloquent way.  What a treasure the stories and memories of the older generations are to us.  Such a beautiful gift.

This lovely wreath was made by Pearl, for her mother's service.  She added a personal touch by using one of her mothers jewelry pieces on the rose petals.  So creative!

I've thought much of the pastors words about my friends mother:

"She looked at death as a welcomed friend."

May I too, LORD, be able to say that at my end.
I do not fear you.
You are not the end.
To think that death can be a welcomed friend;
Because we know, it is not the end.


Dec 3, 2018

Trim Healthy Mama Slim Sloppy Joes Review

Good morning, Mama's!  Happy start of the week to you!  And Happy December!!!

I had a cooking/baking/bread making while listening to music/podcasts/watching This Is Us, late-night session a few days ago.  It was fun, and crazy!  With a boost of abundant energy that I've had this last week, I made 4 different main meals in that one late night extravaganza!  It all started with making and baking a homemade pizza, then it led to three other meals!  I've not had to cook for days!  All we have had to do is just open the refrigerator door, and pick 1, 2, 3 or 4!  It came in really handy this busy weekend with company.

One of the meals I prepped and made was the Trim Healthy Mama Slim Sloppy Joes.  I've made this recipe several times before my cooking palooza, and it is so very easy to prepare with just four simple steps.  

Here are all the recipe details:

Cookbook:  Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
Chapter:  Family Skillet Meals
Recipe:  Slim Sloppy Joes
Serving:  Family Serve - Feeds 6-8
Fuel: S - satisfying, with and E - energizing option
NSI: No special ingredients

I made it as a Satisfying meal.  And I also just made a half recipe this time, because it is not one of The Salesman's favorites.  Meaning, he will not eat this.  Thumbs down from The Salesman.  I have had two meals from this half serving I prepared, and have at least three meals left!  

Look how these Joe's are  chock-full of vegetables!  Thanks to the Aldi Seasoning Blend, I did not dice any of the onion, celery, or pepper pictured here.  And yes, this picture is before the tomatoes and spices were added. 

The great thing about the Tri Healthy Mama Slim Sloppy Joes is that it is versatile in serving too!

Here are a few suggestions for serving your Slim Sloppy Joes:

On a bun
Loaded with cheese
As an open-face sandwich
Scooped in a leaf of crisp lettuce
In a pita pocket with pickles
Between buttered toast slices
Over a baked sweet potato with Greek yogurt
On a bed of spiraled zucchini
With a side of coleslaw

Or, how I ate it my Slim Sloppy Joes this time, with mustard, red onion, peppers and pickles!  And cilantro for garnish!

Enjoy, Mama's!

Nov 30, 2018

For the Love of Lamp Lights - The Oliver, Again

Each time I walk past this historic landmark, I'm drawn in.  So, for your viewing pleasure, more of The Oliver.  For the love of lamp lights, art, architecture, decor, it is your one stop shop.

Beauty in every nook and corner.

Happy weekend, my friends.  No matter where you are, look up. There is beauty all around.

Nov 28, 2018

The Orange-Handled-Not-My-Scissors Story

Well, have I mentioned once, or twice, that I am an organized person?  I enjoy organization.  It is just an every day happy for me.  Not every one else in my family enjoys organization as much.  But this last week amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday and company and just being flat out busy, I received a wonder filled blessing.

I was at home for an almost an entire day by myself.  Now many of you may consider that to be a blessing in and of itself.  All the company, and my family were out and about, and I just wasn't able to do the schedule planned for the day, so I stayed home.  

I started out the day with trying to rest some more.  Well, after a few minutes of working hard to rest, I got up because, rest is hard work folks.  Yes, it is.  So, I made the official decision that since it was the day after Thanksgiving, I could start putting away the Thanksgiving decor.  I decided that with each trip down to put away the items, I'd bring up a tray of Christmas decorations.  It was a lovely plan that worked out pretty well.  At the end of the Thanksgiving return trips, I stacked tubs on the stair steps for reinforcements to help me finish on another day.  Christmas decorations far outweigh the Thanksgiving ones!

When I made my first trip downstairs and set my glass pumpkins and silk maple leaves down, I saw my kitchen scissors on a shelf.  Now normally, this would not be such a statement making event; but for me it was.  Back to me being an organized person.  See, I have this drawer in my kitchen desk where my kitchen scissors belong.  They belong there as part of my "a place for everything, and everything in its place" mantra.  So, every one in my family knows where to look when they need a pair of scissors.  And the good, and the bad of that is, that everyone knows where mama's scissors are and they borrow them, and sometimes they don't come back.

However, when I saw the scissors on the shelf, I felt a twinge of emotion because of the *scissor event* that happened last week when I opened my drawer to use the scissors, and they weren't there.  I called out any listening family member that I was needing my scissors and couldn't find them in their *place*.  I remember The Salesman's response like it was yesterday.  He immediately said that he probably had them in his office, and went straight to his office, and returned with a pair of scissors.  I didn't have the nerve to tell this kind-hearted man that the orange-handled pair of scissors he'd so quickly and kindly returned to me, were not my kitchen scissors.  My kitchen scissors had black handles.  I held out my hands to receive his scissor gift, said my thank you, and got busy with my cutting.  As easily as it was to remember his precious response, I cannot think of what task I needed those scissors to complete.  For cutting yes; but for what project? I cannot remember. 

So on my kitchen counter, all day long, the day after Thanksgiving, I left the orange-handled-not-my-scissors out.  I marveled each time they caught my eye.  I kept rolling over the *scissor event* of The Salesman's actions.  I mean he could have said:

I don't have your scissors.
I didn't use your scissors.
I don't care where your scissors are located.
Be quiet. 
Insert a response here.  There are so many options he could have said.  
Or he could have said nothing.  Shew.  That gets me...

But, instead, he solved my scissor-less moment with what he had. He gave of his own scissors.

He didn't even have my scissors.  

I think it is fair to say that I took my kitchen scissors to the basement, for what project, again, I do not know.  But it was more than ninety nine, point nine percent probability that I left my kitchen scissors in the basement.  

I was the guilty party.

I didn't even want to put his scissor gift back in his office.  I found joy in seeing those orange-handled-not-my-scissors out on the counter for the rest of the day.  I placed my kitchen scissors beside his office pair, and smiled.  There was a sacredness to those orange-handled-not-my-scissors, now.  A sacredness because The Salesman gave what he had.  His act of service was one of being agreeable and helpful and kind. 

The servant is the greatest of them all.

I got served an orange-handled-not-my-scissors pair of scissors and received the greatest blessing.  Oh this was no organizational win, this was a deep, abiding, heartfelt joy that washed over me each time I glanced at his scissor gift.

As my heart reflects at this *Gift of The Salesman*, I pray that I will be the orange-handled-not-my-scissor-giver today, and every day.  May I be the kind of person that hears a need, and looks at what I have in my hands to give, to meet that need, and then just get up and do it.   

May I give to meet needs.