Jul 16, 2018

The best chocolate chip cookies. Ever.

Sugar alert!  Sugar alert!

This is not a Trim Healthy Mama recipe; but it is one that I grew up with, and I am convinced it is the best chocolate chip cookie.  Ever.  I made a batch this weekend to share with a friend.  It was funny, because when I gave them to him, his wife asked if they were sugar free....everyone knows I've made the transition to sugar free!  I told them they were full of sugar and gluten.  He said he'd eat one or two...  I knew their daughter would enjoy them, too!

There is just something about this cookie that transports me back to my childhood, and I'm sitting in my mom's kitchen, in a yellow leather chair that swivels, eating one of these soft, super-delicious, warm cookies with a glass of milk. Or, in my pre Trim Healthy Mama days, I liked the cookie dough batter as much as I liked the cookies.  Only, I liked the batter without the chocolate chips, so once the chips were added, I no longer wanted the batter....strange; but true!  Anyone else out there who prefers the dough to the cookie?  Well that was me.  I can remember buying those rolls of cookie dough at the grocery, at one phase in my life, and just eating the dough.  True confessions.  I feel so much better without the sugar though. Really.  Truly.  And I will also add, that the more weight I lost, the healthier the food, my body seemed to crave.  Enough of that, though.  I know not everyone eats like me, and I do make food for friends and family that have sugar and gluten in them, and just thought I'd share one recipe today.

This is the recipe that my mother used to make chocolate chip cookies when I was growing up, and it is the recipe I use today for my friends that aren't Trim Healthy Mama's.  This cookie is a winner. Every single time I make them, they are good, or I am told that they are good.  Here is a link to the recipe from Nestle Toll House Cookies that I follow exactly as written.

And I feel that I must report:

I did not have one taste of the dough, or cookies, during the prep or making of the cookies! Yay!  And my Kitchen-Aid mixer is one of the best kitchen investments ever!  The Salesman bought it for me our second Christmas together.  I use it often in regular baking and it has been the gift that keeps on giving.  For Trim Healthy Mama recipes, I use the blender more than the mixer.  Do you all have a Kitchen-Aid mixer?

 This recipe make lots of delicious cookies!  I had two large plates of cookies to give away!


Jul 13, 2018

For the Love of Lamp Lights - Hilton Knoxville

Happy Friday! I hope you've had a good week.  The Salesman and I had a business meeting downtown Knoxville this week.  I was glad we arrived early, because it gave me time to enjoy the decor! The lamp light pictures did not turn out very clear; but they were beautiful!!!

These overhead lights were absolutely gorgeous! The pictures do not do them justice...

The artwork, the two tone chairs, the neutral tones...so much beauty!

Have a great weekend!

Jul 9, 2018

Trim Healthy Mama Blender Freezer Waffles

Even though I am pretty certain that I've owned my waffled maker for thirty plus years, I am not much of a breakfast eater.  I remember being in a waffle phase while in college and even did a waffle making demonstration in one of my classes.  My, that was long ago.  Back to this week: I made the Trim Healthy Mama Blender Freezer Waffles for brunch, and even The Salesman gave them a thumbs up!  So, I will be making this recipe again!  They are on page 336 of the new Trim Healthy Table cookbook, and are a Satisfying meal.  This recipe was completed in three easy steps.  I followed the recipe exactly, and they turned out delicious!

I poured maple syrup on my waffles, and The Salesman used sugar-free syrup. I served The Salesman's waffles with a side of Chicken Breakfast Sausage that I buy at Aldi.  If you haven't tried it, you should!  Delish.  And the breakfast sausage is tasty, not only for breakfast; but also for dinner recipes.

I am an Aldi fan.  Anyone else? If so, what are your favorite items to purchase at Aldi?  I do most of my grocery shopping at our Aldi and then make one other stop to get the handful of items I don't purchase at Aldi.

Not certain if it will be worth freezing these waffles for convenience during the work week...they may not last that long!

Jul 6, 2018

For The Love of Lamp Lights - Greeneville

Each of these lamp lights deserves a post of their own, in that I think they are absolutely unique and beautiful. This first one was at the visitors center in Greeneville, Tennessee.

This lovely light was on the spacious side porch of Andrew Johnson's home.

And from his dining room:

And the entry way of the Johnson home...

There is such beauty all around!  Look up!

Jul 4, 2018

Happy Independence Day!

We have been blessed with a houseful of company for the holiday! Hope your home is brimming over with joy this day.  What are you doing for the fourth? Are watching the fireworks in your plan? Most years we would travel to the DC area to watch the display.  This year, we have had so much fun at home with company! But, I can hardly think of this day without thinking of the large box of fireworks I found in the garage one year entitled:

The You Should Know Better Assortment

Yes.  The Salesman. And yes, he should have known better.  

We have done some fun outings with our company and thought I'd share a few pictures from our trip to Greeneville this week, as we visited the home of Andrew Johnson. Greeneville is a lovely town.  I'm going to try to refrain from narrating every picture!

The architecture. The bricks. The roof.

Iron work...

The tree trunk...

 Such beauty...


Portrait saved by a neighbor and returned to the Johnson family... Talk about a good neighbor - a good neighbor, indeed.

Graffiti in the house...

Happy Independence Day!

Jul 2, 2018

Parmesan Grits Casserole

Happy 4th of July week!  Hope you have a great week celebrating Independence Day!  Since we have a full week, I'm sharing another treasure from my drafts folder.  This short and sweet entry is from 12/3/2009 when my sister-in-love gave me the Come To The Table cookbook.  I am blessed with wonderful sisters-in-love.  I hope you are too!  Family is such a gift!

I remember this casserole was really good.  We are big fans of grits here. And cheese.

Happy week, my friends.

From the drafts folder:

Our first tasty and beautiful recipe from Come to the Table: Parmesan Grits Casserole served with Nancy's Party Quiche Lorraine & Florentine and fruit cups.

Jun 29, 2018

For the Love of Lamp Lights - Mayes

Finding beauty in unexpected places this last week. 

May you, my friends, do the same.

Look up.